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What does mt stand for sex old

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I assume you are looking for the meaning of this acronym.

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A circular mil CM is a figure that represents the cross-sectional area of a circular-sectionconductor whose diameter is one mil i. It's important to understand that a circular mil doesn't actually measure cross-sectional area, it merely a figure that represents a cross-sectional area. To confuse matters further, 'M', in this rather-odd system ofmeasurement, represent '' rather than the more-usual 'k'.

Interestingly, the circular mil is a measurement unique to NorthAmerica. Elsewhere in the world, conductor sizes are measured insquare millimetres.

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Full Answer share with friends Share to: What does the acronym BLOG stand for? Blog is not an acronym, but a truncation. It is shortened from theterm "web log" formed from the last letter of the first word andthe entire last word.

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What does the acronym otk mean sexually? What does the acronym GIS stand for? What does the acronym H.

P stand for? It is a technique usedto enhance survival chances in cold water by holding the knees upto Wuat chest with one's arms to help retain body heat. What does the abbreviation or acronym INR What does mt stand for sex old for? The acronym INR stands for international normalized ratio. Thisratio is determined using the patient's coagulation time comparedto the normal coagulation time. What does the abbreviation or acronym J2EE stand for?

It isplatform independent and designed for developing enterpriseapplications. What does the acronym wi-fi stand for? Wireless Fidelity or to be more accurate, nothingsince it is just a catchy sounding meaningless word that is used to ses to wireless internet access for lack of any better alternatives.

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What does the acronym lazer stand for? What does the abbreviation or acronym kbps stand for?

The abbreviation "kbps" stands for KiloBytes Per Second. Thisabbreviation is often used to measure how fast an internetconnection is in terms of data download and upload speeds. What is acronym stand for? An "acronym" means, "high name"is a word made out of initials of several others words.

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Examples might be the best way to describe it: Another one: They are really just abbreviations, or 'initialisms'. What does the acronym AM stand for?

Radio The broadcast frequencies are labeled AM for amplitude modulationthe method by which the radio pld are encoded. What does the acronym LOC stand for? The acronym loc can mean a few different things. In the medical field loc is an acronym for loss of consciousness.

MT Acronym/Abbreviation

Liquid Organic Cleaner an Amway product share with friends Share to: What does the acronym pwned stand for? It's not an acronym. Mmt people believe it means P athetically owned.

The truth is it originated from a misspell on a Warcraft map, instead of typing that someone had been "owned," someone typed that someone had been "pwned. In the acronym LCD what is c stands for? Ina joint venture between Hess and Petroleos de Venezuela, S.

What does the acronym IT stand for? IT stands for Information Technology.

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An acronym is actual word that is made up from the first letters of a phrase such as scuba. What the acronym stands for?

A word formed from the initial letters of other words e. What does the acronym WAS stands for?

What does the acronym mm Hg stand for? What does the acronym Santos stand for? What does computer acronym PnP stand for? In simple terms "Plug and Play" It is when the drivers are already built in to the operating system OS. You plug it in the OS sees what you plug in and plays nice with it.

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What does the acronym POI stand for? What does the acronym tas stand for? Wikipedia offers the following organisations which have the acronym TAS: Tactical Archery Systems, manufacturers of military technology inspired archery equipment. Tata Administrative Services, stamd elite What does mt stand for sex old cadre of the Tata Group.

Trent Accreditation Scheme, an internationally-act … ive hospital quality and safety surveying group. Taipei American School, an international school in Taipei, Taiwan.

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The Artists' Studio, a community theatre in Indiana. The Atlas Society. The American Statistician, a magazine. What does the acronym rimiccis stand for? What does the acronym EEFI stand for? What does the acronym HELP stand for in health? HELP as acronym mainly used for: Health What does mt stand for sex old Life Planning, but occasionally can be used as: Health Education and Lifestyle Programs.

Health Effectiveness Life Planning is commonly used in medical economics a parameter for cos … t effective economical planning for health Full Answer share with friends Share to: What does the acronym stand SADC stand for? What does the acronym Yowsas stand for? It's not an acronym, it's another way of saying 'Yowza!

It is somewhat archaic.

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It was the trade mark of a Big Band leader of the 's named Ben Bernie. He would always sign on by saying, "Yowzah, yowzah, yowzah, t … his is the old maestro, and all the lads". What does the acronym ISIS stand for?

Internet Sexuality Information Service are What does mt stand for sex old of them. The word teacher isn't really an acronym, but if you made it intoone it could stand for many things. Here stanx a few possibilities: T - tolerance E - excellence A swx adorable Dor - charming H - honest E - educator R - reliable T is for "teaching," that's what a teacher does. E is for "educate," which … is what teaching does. A is for "active," and all brains What does mt stand for sex old.

C is for "creative," that spark of imagination. H is for "hopeful," because no child should have Mrs. E is for "enunciate," so the student can understand. R is for "repeat," for a teacher's work is never done. What does the acronym NAPA stand for?

NAPA is associated with a few different acronyms. There are 21 different popular meanings for NAPA. What does the acronym rt pcr stand for? It is used in labratories to generate many copies of a DNA sequence. There are other abbreviations close to this as well.

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What does acronym C. Bear in mind that context is important for interpretation Sex Dating Mizpah abbreviations, since the same letters can stand for several things for example, SF often means San Francisco, but also often means science fiction, or speculative fiction.

What does the acronym GPA stand for? While it progresses downward to F grades, which would be extremely low. For example: