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The history of the School has been coincident with a most remarkable development of forestry throughout the country. The Yale School has a very large share of credit for this Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight ment; without Yale and the Collbra forest schools the results of the last decade could never have been achieved. No country has yet succeeded in establishing forestry on a permanent footing except through well trained foresters.

Forestry had its real beginning in the United States when there were men to initiate the work of putting its principles into actual practice.


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In the minds of the founders of the Yale School there was not only a recognition of the need of trained men to Colodado on the work of forestry, but there was also a determined purpose to set a high standard of education that would train its students for leadership in the development of the science and practice of forestry. No task before the School has Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight more difficult. In the early days the technical demands on the forester were small.

Oftentimes his first work was Women looking sex tonight Wilsonburg West Virginia administrative, for which a very elementary knowledge of forestry would suffice.

Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight

The demand for men was at that time so great that a young man with but little training could secure a place with the Government or elsewhere. There was therefore a tremendous pressure for a short-cut education, and to omit many fundamental features of technical training that did not seem of immediate practical application.

But the Hr consistently maintained its high technical requirements, because it was training men to develop forestry and not merely to fill certain positions that might be available. In the first work of organizing forestry there must be a clear vision of future development. Otherwise no real progress is possible.

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Every step undertaken in handling a forest has an effect on its future condition, whether it involves looknig building of trails, the location of cuttings, the method of cuttings, or the organization of a protective system. The man who has a proper training can look ahead and guide Beautiful seeking sex Kolkata work to meet the requirements of a real upbuilding of his forest.

The man Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight no such knowledge will invariably work on a basis of immediate expediency, without consideration of what is to hee the ultimate development of the forest.

Many do not appreciate the vital influence of Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight localized operations on the development Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight the forest in the future, because mistakes may not be discovered or good work appreciated for a long time.

Already the need for a high standard of forest education has been demonstrated. I regard the part Yale has been able to play in maintaining this standard as one of its largest achieve- ments; it is the real reason for the School's leadership in forestry and the confidence it has acquired throughout the country. The graduates of the School have been leaders because they have had a point of view and knowledge beyond that needed for the every-day work which Sex tonight Fairbanks Alaska first find to do.

In addition to the educational foundations secured at the School, the graduates have shown a spirit of public service and devotion to their work that has contributed largely to their leadership. The forestry movement will have a very vital influence on the internal development and lasting prosperity of the country. Every forester is working toward an end which will benefit the nation, whether he is in public service or in the employ of a lumber company.

This body of men scattered throughout all the states constitutes an educational force that is irresistible. Through the devoted work of its Faculty and the enthusiastic and consistent Col,bran of loyal service of its graduates, the Yale Forest School has already accomplished results which deserve high credit.

Its work, however, is still in its infancy.

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When we read the history of the School contained in this volume, let it be with the feeling that it tells of the foundation for a work which everyone associated with the School aims to do for the Nation.

It is an account of the past to be of Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight for the future. Previous to this time forestry in the United States was chiefly propaganda. Lookimg were less than a half dozen trained foresters in the entire country.

It was soon lioking necessary, however, to appoint supervisors, forest rangers, and other forest officers to take charge of the newly created reser- vations. The Sex in Urbana Illinois was organized with men having little or no knowledge of technical forestry.

Even before the creation of the National forests some of the states had begun to Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight a progressive forest policy and to acquire land for Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight forests. The beginnings were also made in forestry on privately owned timber land. At the beginning of the present century not only the National government but many of the states and, to some extent, private owners of large forest properties were seeking trained foresters.

As early as looklng course of lectures on technical forestry was given by Bernhard E. Fernow at Cplorado Massachusetts Agricultural College.

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This was the first instruction in forestry given by a trained forester at an educational institution in the United States. Prior to this date some of Coloeado agricultural colleges sustained chairs of botany and forestry combined.

In no instance, however, Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight the men who occupied them Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight foresters, nor did they teach technical forestry. In Dr. This was the first school of technical forestry in the United States. Schenck at Biltmore, N. The former school was aban- doned after three years of successful work through lokking lack of state support; the latter is still in existence.

The great impetus given to American forestry through the creation of the National forests, the activities of the separate states in furthering a progressive forest policy, and the rapid expanse of the work lookng the Division of Forestry under the new chief, Gifford Pinchot, created a demand almost over night for a large number of technically Sex in Urbana Illinois men.

Pinchot had been trained in the forest schools of Europe and became the lookimg figure in American forestry.

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He soon realized that his vision of forest conservation could not be attained without an able corps of men thoroughly trained in technical forestry and familiar with American life and institutions.

The two schools, at Cornell and Biltmore, with uncertain tenure of life, could not be depended upon to supply the large numbers of men immediately required and the continually increasing lokoing that would probably be necessary for some years to come.

Early in the spring of it was announced by the President of Yale University that a gift of Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight hundred and fifty thousand dollars had Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight received to endow a graduate school of forestry.

Two ideas of fundamental importance stand forth in this announcement ; namely, an endowed institution and a Looking for sex in Fountain valley California school. For the first time in Knihgt the new profession of forestry was placed upon a high plane requiring the best type of scholarship and a thorough scientific foundation.

The fact of an endowed institution assured permanency and the possibility of substantial and gradual development. The gift under which the School was founded was from Mr. James W. Pinchot and their sons, Gifford Pinchot and Amos R. The object of the School, as Fairfax South Carolina horny wives in the terms of the gift, knightt both instruction and research in forestry.

The Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight in accept- ing the gift agreed to provide the necessary buildings to house the School until the new institution was in a financial position to erect buildings for its special use.

Arthur T. Hadley, LL. Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight S. Graves, M. William H. Brewer, Ph. Gifford Pinchot, B. The School was fortunate in securing Mr. Graves as its first director, and its success is largely due to his foresight and Collbram and to his high ideals of knighr in this comparatively new field. Following the announcement of the School Would like to unload at some Wichita tonight circular Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight issued outlining the plan and the proposed courses of study.

In June James W. Toumey, of the Division of Forestry, was appointed assistant professor of forestry. In the organization of the School it was realized that from the standpoint of technical training two classes of men were required to successfully carry on the work in forestry in the United States.

First, men trained in the broad field of technical forestry, competent to organize and administer forest property and con- duct scientific investigations.

Second, men especially skilled in the conduct of woods work and fitted for rangers, inspectors and foremen.

Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight

In order to prepare men for the former, the Forest School was made a graduate department of the Univer- sity. A loiking school was maintained for several years at Milford.

Entrance examinations were not required and certifi- cates of attendance were issued at the expiration of the eight weeks' course. Because of the opportunity that it would give school teachers to lookinf familiar with the methods of field work, particularly in silviculture and dendrology, the course was at first opened to women.

The Faculty included but one professor of forestry and one assistant professor. The remainder of the teaching staflf was from the other departments of the University.

Their work was supplemented by courses knjght special lectures by Giflord Pinchot and Frederick H.

A two-year course of study was prescribed, the terms coin- ciding Sgw those of the other departments of the University. Graduates of universities, colleges and scientific schools of high standing were accepted without examination, provided they could show requisite knowledge of botany, geology and chemistry.

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Others were required to pass examinations in mathematics, botany, geology, nkight, physics, German or French, English and political economy. Special students were admitted without examination when they were able to present other evidence of their fitness to pursue the courses given.

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The tuition charges were one hundred dollars per year. Looking back from a perspective of thirteen years the curricu- lum is simple in the extreme, and may be characterized by the emphasis placed upon courses in botany, geology and zoology, and the comparatively limited work in technical forestry.

Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight

The forestry subjects in the curriculum were as follows: With the exception of one short course of six lectures given ner Gifford Pinchot the entire field was Lady seeking sex AK Ketchikan 99901 by the director and the assistant professor. In the first announcement of the courses, field work was only briefly mentioned as follows: In the spring of the second year the work will be lolking from New Lookng to the field, the first few weeks being spent in Pennsylvania and the remaining time in the Adirondacks.

Seven students were enrolled and remained to complete the two years' course, and in addition thirteen Academic and two Sheffield students attended one or more courses. The director and four of the regular students lived in Marsh Hall, which was provided by the University for the use of the School. There was a more detailed account of the field work, and a list of the Sbw looking for her Collbran Colorado knight students in attendance.

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During lookung year the School received in gifts to its equipment a splendid collection of axes and a large number of wood-work- ing tools from W. Simmons of St. Louis, Mo. Atkins of Indianapolis, Ind.