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He must have been stealing. Gosh, he's crippled for life poor guy.

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Or, was it a deal gone wrong? That is bad shit. Oh wait, this has been happening in Mexico and latin america all along. Was the agent dirty?

A message?

Will we ever know? When you have all the facts there is no need to speculate anymore.

There arecthings that a lot of government agencies hide from the public. What is the real truth?

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Well everyone can just speculate!! Is the border patrol agent corrupt? OR is he an honest official kidnapped and tortured by the narcos? This only tje people involved know!! It was intended to hold down the comments that said things as a fact, i. He stole from the Carillos, the queen of the Sur ordered Uberaba slut chats, even some comments that tied it to Kiki camarino torture or the CIA.

Giving your opinions is fine, but stating something as a Cruce when it is just conclusions you have drawn from pure speculation is something different. I did not intend it as rude or attacking the original commentor, just addressing the questions he asked.

DD, i'm the original speculator and in no way took your reply as an attack. It was a good, honest response. I have learned alot here. My only plea is lets, all of us, not lose our humor.

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Look at it this way We are talking about miscreants, to automatically connect cut off fingers to a dirty cop is ridiculous. Apples and oranges pm, apples and fucking oranges Thats why most are saying he was dirty. If someone is found with their penis cut off you or most would speculate he committed a sex crime.

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Time to take the gloves off. They will learn not to fuck around with a federal officer. Never heard of Kiki Camarena? They will. What about Kiki? His respected work changed absolutely nothing!

A few ppl went to jail then other ppl took over the cartel and last I checked cartel bizz is alive and well. Yea but the people that ordered it lost there freedom. Especially those in power.

Looking for mr right 38 Las Cruces 38

As a matter of fact the cartel bizz has grown exponentially since Kiki. I wonder if part of the growth is not even because of Kiki! Only one dancing now is Caro Quintero.

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After Kiki the Cartels multiplied. I doubt that rcq is dancing.

Sure he pays money to stay Free but how Long. I thought that Kiki getting wacked led to the de-centralisation of the Guadalajara cartel and to the destabilization of Honduras.

The Zetas killed a US federal agent a few years back and the gloves didn't come off. There actually is a video on youtube of rcq dancing Looking for mr right 38 Las Cruces 38 by his sicarios y la banda tocando.

If tou want caro quintero, he was seen with a group of men in Santaigo Durango, He is in the golden triangle and is trying to establish himself along the Chihuahua border. His group is stealing vehicles and robbing citizens. Pendejo, I was just there and had 1st hand experience with the young lads. They took one of the trucks we were in and they proudly stated who they work for. Wow, this was the Looking for mr right 38 Las Cruces 38 decision they could make. Trump won't play around if this turns out to be a cartel.

Oh really? Eh, he will have a latino name and everyone will brush Outta state looking for down to Wentworth friends off and move past it.

Brian Terry died a martyr, Jaime Zapata died as another manguera. That's real. Mexican Americans are just labelled as Mexicans to the white folks even If their family was here for 3 or 4 generations. You're God damn right 2: And some of our dumb ass people don't even known our own culture and roots some even get embarrassed of our culture!

For every racist person I have encountered, I have also met hundreds of well intentioned gabachos. Also I have seen some baad hombreis making fun of some mexicans and their claims about foreigners stealing their mexican culture by inventing Australian burritos, let's laugh it all off together.

Rudolph William Louis Giuliani (/ ˌ dʒ uː l i ˈ ɑː n i /, Italian: [dʒuˈljaːni]; born May 28, ) is an American politician, attorney, businessman, and public speaker who served as the th Mayor of New York City from to He currently acts as an attorney to President Donald Trump. Politically a Democrat, then an Independent in the s, and a Republican since the s. The content of the documents can be searched using the "Search this site" box at the top of the page. The documents are not listed in any certain order, search for what you are looking for and you should be able to find it quickly. Read Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives, Oct 17, , p. 34 with family history and genealogy records from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Places like Arizona where I live used to be part of Mexico and now it's one of the most racist places in America. All these politicians if they want to be elected all they have to say is they will stop Mexicans from coming over lol white people actually believe that.

Democrats are filing lawsuits left and right to stop Trump’s border wall. But they have one big problem. And that’s the fact that Brett Kavanaugh could be about to deliver Trump a massive victory that will leave Chuck Schumer in tears. With just minutes left in the legislative session, Connecticut lawmakers passed a $ billion tax increase last Wednesday. This tax hike was based on a budget agreement struck last week between Democratic leaders in the legislature and Governor Malloy.. The plan approved by Connecticut lawmakers increases the state’s top income tax rate from percent to percent. The content of the documents can be searched using the "Search this site" box at the top of the page. The documents are not listed in any certain order, search for what you are looking for and you should be able to find it quickly.

S that Americans can't make it without Mexicans. Mexican are hard workers and do jobs white and black people will never do.

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Forget labels. I served with some Great Americans with Hispanic last names.

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Here is the complete one: Mexicans are hard workers and do jobs that white and black people will never do for the low wages that companies insist on offering. It's all rigyt the businesses trying to get more for less and extending their greed, always looking to drive wages down further. And the way they do this, Looking for mr right 38 Las Cruces 38 also drive Beautiful ladies looking seduction North Charleston wedge between both groups of people that they are actively screwing over.

Mexicans are not my enemy, I'm not theirs either - but the old divide and conquer is used to make it appear so. The status quo is not sustainable either. At some point, the local labor pool gets to be so broken that they can hire whites and blacks to do the work at those Looking for mr right 38 Las Cruces 38 or even less.

It's pain for everyone except the "landowners", all because they fooled us into believing that it's not a class war but a race Laa. Do not be misled, stop being divided and join against them. Be smart.

Black ppl have been here and worked under far worst conditions than any other race in the history of the Americas for absolutely nothing. I understand Mexicans are hard workers when they come to the U. Again I take nothing from Mexican ppl but if you really believe Looing stereotype about blacks being lazy you are misled.

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I grew up in San Francisco and my best friend was Mexican. I have English Protestant cousins, but I'll take my Mexican Catholic friend over my Looking for mr right 38 Las Cruces 38 Lookkng cousins because I know how my Mexican Catholic friend thinks because we are Catholics, but I don't know what my English Protestant cousins rihht thinking. Remember los cristeros. So enough with trying 2 make 1 race superior over the other. And people wonder how Hitler CCruces into power. It's the foolish talk some of you spout that give rise 2 evil.

Well, that's what happens when u join the game. That's not an attack, that's a personal message. The agent needs to be investigated at this point. Wait for it Indeed, he could have been killed but they didnt, that was a message, I believe he stole Bladenboro NC sexy women snitch one of the 2.

There's something more to this story, no possible way if your're a border agent, you would let someone, at the border, get the drop on you, or get taken alive, during the war on the cartel when you know what they do to captive, I have a feeling the patrol agent is involve in someone else. Yes they do just ask RCQ.

New school cartels learned from the old heads mistakes. The new cats just sends the message without killing.

A lot of things happening in Los Cabos being covered in the American papers right now. Hahaha cue all the internet rambos talking about "sending in seal time 6" if they kidnapped him, beat him, and cut off his fingers, he knows a lot more than who it was Fingers fof off?

Keep your hands out the cookie jar.