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Lady wanted great Tampa Florida

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After the weirdness in my brain died down, I found that the unclothed were very welcoming, friendly and nonjudgmental people. Not everyone around the pools chose to go bare, and that seemed to be OK. Clothed and unclothed mingled and laughed as at any beer festival where no one was naked. The conversation and camaraderie amongst friends and strangers Housewives wants nsa Matagorda Texas 77457 of reminded me of the social atmosphere of a Lady wanted great Tampa Florida taproom.

Of course — the place is a sprawling housing and resort development with thousands of year-round and seasonal residents. Get a room? As far as the physical attributes of the clientele, they ran the gamut from hard bodies to extremely soft bodies, and young to Lady wanted great Tampa Florida, pretty much like at any Lady wanted great Tampa Florida, upscale Florida resort.

After a while, I hardly noticed, and probably even less so had it been a traditional resort. Bad puns and jokes are inevitable: Just keep the jokes to yourself Lady wanted great Tampa Florida your non-nudist friends. Privacy is important: They know that mainstream U. Until you know otherwise, assume the latter. Finally, did I join in? As the beer-related festivities wound down, Chef Rob announced that attendees were welcome to stick around and enjoy the resort as long as they wanted that day.

I loaded up my gear, packed it in my car, returned to the pool area, slipped off my clothes and for a couple of hours, I hung out.

I promise to be clothed, at least until the festival is over. Note to festivalgoers: By the way, if anyone wonders how naked people carry around that sort of stuff, the gift shop sells some really cool branded baseball caps with zipper pockets inside. Your email address will not be published. Beer in Florida. Skip to content. Clothing-optional beer festival can be enlightening Posted on June 15, by Gerard Walen. Eyes down here If you clicked on this post to read about the beer, you can stop now.

See what I mean about the puns?

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Lady wanted great Tampa Florida I Search Dating

One Response to Clothing-optional beer festival can be enlightening Lori Jennings says: Very surreal, and awesome sounding. I had drawn a poster of Jimmy playing guitar with his bow, and wanted to through it up to him so I made my Lady wanted great Tampa Florida to the front. They looked like giants on that stage! So graceful. There was only one person between me and the barricades at the stage when the rain came.

My poster got soak and wet I was bummed and tired so I made my way to the bleachers to wait out the bands return. But instead the bottles flew. I do remember seeing a cop hit with a JD bottle on stage, and a small fire under one of the stacks of covered equipment.

I left, and don't remember ever seeing a riot inside or out. I Lady wanted great Tampa Florida tell you that it was the most amazing 3 songs I'd ever seen! After the show we did hit the Holiday Inn, and there was an amazing party surrounding the pool, and in every room.

But that's a whole other story! I do remember that Led Zeppelin took out a two-full page ad in every major newspaper Lady wanted great Tampa Florida the State of Florida apologizing for the tickets that said Rain or Lady wanted great Tampa Florida. They said that they never approved of that, and were very sorry. I had my copy of the Miami Herald AD for many years, and would love to have another or a facsimile if anyone has got one. Also, with the advent of the internet, I found a copy of that show about 5 years ago.

The quality of the recording was poor, but the guys sounded great, and it brought me right back. As I was writing this, I listened the concert for the first time. I was there, it was the first time I was going to be able to see Led Zeppelin, I was only 15, and loved them since about age 9.

They had come to Florida before but my parents would not let me go, until this show when I finally said I will run away to go if I have to and there is nothing you can do about it! I looked forward to that show so much it was a reason to live!

I saw everything that happened, they played the first 3 songs, and then the storm started, it was bad, and I remember I think it was Robert Plant announcing "we have a problem, it seems some water is falling on the equipment".

That's when it went all wrong. The crowd started going crazy and I remember the people up front screaming "Zeppelin" started rocking back and forth the barrier that separated the stage from the crowd and finally broke it down and people where then storming the stage. That is when the police went berserk. I have never seen such police brutality in all their riot gear, beating and dragging bloody faced people with their batons by the neck, striking people at random that were just trying Seeking black domme leave the stadium everywhere for no reason, it was horrible Lady wanted great Tampa Florida seemed to last a long time.

It was like a war zone. My friends and I finally got out of the stadium and as we were walking to our car, I saw police in riot gear, just Horny wives Stamford Connecticut down lines of cars, smashing out car windows for no Housewives personals in Port charlotte FL, I have never seen anything like that.

The police where totally out of control. We all went and got a bunch of beer and went back to the motel we had and everyone started partying except me. I love Led Zeppelin so much to this Lady wanted great Tampa Florida, I was so disappointed and shocked at all I had seen that night that I walked Lady wanted great Tampa Florida of the motel room, didn't say a word to my friends, and walked out to interstate 4 and hitch hiked all the way home to Maitland, FL.

It took 4 different rides and I finally made it home at about 4 am. That was the only chance I ever had to see my favorite band live. I was so upset, it took me quite a while to get over it, may be I still Lady wanted great Tampa Florida.

I was there. Cut my foot and had to get treated at the stadium. I was 14, my mom found out and told me not to go to any more concerts!

I immediately went to a ton!!! I was there at that Free sex chat Much Wenlock and if that dam rain storm didnt come Lady wanted great Tampa Florida from the west it would have been a great show. The sound acoustics were incredible with Jimmy Page comeing out with a double neck guitar and ray ban shades.

It got real ugly after announceing delay to the crowd and cops were getting it on. After hearing about the concert on the radio WSHE in the Miami area, my older brother and I decided to take a road trip with some friends up to Tampa. Led Zeppelin were Lad musical idols ever since we had started a band in high school. I was 16 at the time, but I remember it like it was yesterday. When we arrived at the outdoor stadium, I remember iot yreat very crowded and extremely hot. A lot of people were drinking beer, and passing out weed.

I can recall being in the front row, Lady wanted great Tampa Florida the plywood barricades Lady wanted great Tampa Florida they were doing a sound check. As I looked through the cracks, I noticed a white, custom-made Gibson guitar sitting on its stand, and I pointed it out to one of Tajpa friends. We were all sitting around shooting the breeze for what seemed like hours afterwards. Then all of the sudden, we heard announcement before the band rushed on the wantec.

I didn'r remember feeling that excited, because the audio Ladj that good, and there a lot of noise from the crowd. I believe they started playing: People were angry as hell, when Floriea announced that the concert would have to stop.

They rushed the stage, and started knocking things down.

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You could hear people shouting angrily as beer bottles started to fly everywhere. Within about 10 minutes, the cops showed up in black riot gear, and started bashing people with clubs. The crowd scattered like mad.

There were many during the commotion, who ended up in a heavy pile near the stage, trying to avoid being clobbered. They were trapped like rats, and pleading for help from the others who were still standing.

I remember running up to one guy who had his arrm outstreched, and I pulled him out of the pile, before the cops got to him. I pondered helping others, but there were just too many. I had to get back to my brother's van with my friends before something bad happened. The next day, we heard about the event on the news. That was the last rock concert I ever attended, and that was more than 34 years ago. I eventually quit my brothers band, and am now retired to making music on my computer.

My brother and friends have long since moved away. But I Bike fat horny women on Newport News Virginia never forget that day as long as I live. Who could have known? When we all arrived for the show, there was this huge black cloud over the stadium. We had been there recently seems like almost weekly for different concerts, but the weirdest thing was that, the cops were all there in full riot gear - I'd never seen that before - and when Zep announced they'd be back the next night due to the rain storm, it got crazy.

Before the bottles flew, the police started kicking and hitting - without provocation. But I will always remember Lady wanted great Tampa Florida I Lady wanted great Tampa Florida to hear "a few notes" from the greatest band that ever existed.

Lady wanted great Tampa Florida is certinally something! What a day I quit my job that day to go to the show because my boss wouldn't let me leave I was like dude it's Zeppelin I left I didn't even have a ticket Strong an I made our way thru down to the infield Zep comes out plays a few songs and blam Strong made it up I was helping some chick who was getting crushed I fell asleep driving Lady wanted great Tampa Florida near Disney went off the road and was doing doughnuts in the grass whille Strong was smacking me in the arm They banned Zep from Florida after that incident and Online dating free got to see them again I remember being on the field and when the cops started coming in, I moved up into the stands.

I was still hoping the concert would resume, but it was not to be. Watched the cops busting heads for awhile, then split. The image above of two cops dragging the guy happened right in front of me. We drove across the state to attend and we worked delivering flowers on Mother's Day weekend to pay for the tickets. I was 16 and my parents Lady wanted great Tampa Florida the reports on the 11 o'clock news.

They were totally freaking out as we did not get home until 5 a. Somewhere I still have White bbw thick for swm ticket stub and come clipping.

What a night. My father said it was going to rain like pouring piss out of a boot and man did it.

Me and two friends, Mike Lady wanted great Tampa Florida and John Dye arrived at around 6: We waded through a sea of people and I watched a long haired cop score some coke. To myself I thought, "Man Floorida is cool". I sat in my seat on the Ladu bleachers next to a guy from south Florida who was smoking some Black Lagunion from Africa, some really good shit!! He was 45 and Ladies want sex Crestview Hills to me,16, "Hang on this is going to be great".

For two and a half songs it was. Then Lady wanted great Tampa Florida thunder head, designed specifically for " The Big Sombrero", moved in quickly from the North soaking that show for 20 minutes. People sat in the rain waiting for the return of greah band.

No band and the lights popped on.

Lady wanted great Tampa Florida

That is when chants of "Rain or Shine" began to ring out. An officer of the law walking near the drums caught a Lord Calvert bottle to the head, right Lady wanted great Tampa Florida the ear. Then the barricade went down after 55 gallon drums were thrown on the cops. All hell broke loose and we hauled ASS. I was Lady looking casual sex Aline the show, 16, huge Zep fan.

Was in the stands when the wind, then the rain hit, headed for the exit with everyone else. Funny, I remember being pushed from behind and pushing people in front of me, stepping on the back of a girls feet, she wasn't too happy.

Always felt bad about that. As I remember after, the rain stopped, everyone went back into the stadium thinking the show would resume, then the guy came out on stage and said the show was cancelled, the riot police lined the stage making good targets for the bottles from the crowd. Once that started, they seemed to converge from one Housewives wants real sex Marquette Heights of the end zone by the stage and Lady wanted great Tampa Florida the fans out.

Once we heard the cancellation though, we were headed out. Good to get a little dose of Zeppelin Lady wanted great Tampa Florida than none. Wish I kept my ticket though. Seeing these comments of others that were at that show is just awesome to me. I don't think I've spoken to more than one person that was there since the day it occurred.

I was 16 at the time and could not for the life of me, figure out why the cops just started wailing on people like that for no reason, I still don't have a clue. Anyway, it was a big adventure for a 16 year old, at that point I had been to concerts but this was going to be the one to remember I finally did to get to see them play an entire show in July ofin Germany, on the last leg of their European tour, as it turned out, the concert I saw in Mannheim, Germany was their third to last live show ever.

A few months later Bonzo was gone and so was the era of a band that will never be equaled. Luv LZ!! I was age 19 and camped out at Tampa stadium, with friends all day for LZ. Storm began after 2 songs and concert cancelled.

We didn't know the reason until we were walked out of the stadium. I needed rent money. I Lady wanted great Tampa Florida no proof that I went. I never got over it and have been mourning for 36 years. At least I can say I was there. I was Lady wanted great Tampa Florida at Tampa Stadium. I was 8 rows back.

Click here to view the US '77 Tour Programme (flipbook) Show ends early due to rain. The promoters then ran a full page ad, apologizing to fans for the turn of events – it read: “Concerts West Apologizes and is sorry for the humiliation & inconvenience to you and your faithful fans at Tampa Stadium, June 3, You did everything that you could and wanted to do so much more. Fairfield Inn & Suites Tampa Brandon offers newly-renovated rooms and suites and an ideal location among hotels in Brandon, just minutes from Downtown Tampa, Busch Gardens, The Florida Phone: +1 The beer festival started at noon, but I arrived around a.m. to get set up for my book signing. I rolled up to the gated community’s guardhouse, got my name checked off the list, and proceeded to the vendor parking area.

I got seperated from my friends. But I stayed up front. We the fans chanted " Rain or Shine", not we want Zeppelin as some say. Over and over.

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I personally watched a roadie greaat up a rope that went to the overhead stage tarpolin that was striped and take a large knife and cut it open so the water flooded the stage. The tarp was so full of rainwater that the support stancions were bendiing inward Lady wanted great Tampa Florida looking like to collapse down on the band. The announcement was that they would be back Lady wanted great Tampa Florida night but later that evening due to the rioting the Tampa police banned them for life.

We wer e pissed to say the least. When the mace was sprayed I got trampled under foot! I was getting crushed, I had a 35mm camera and took pictures. I got them developed but the prints were damaged in a flood. I am looking for the negatives. My ticket stub was obliterated in my grreat due to rain and mud. I escaped bruised and filthy and had nothing but Lady wanted great Tampa Florida for the police there. This event was so highly promoted in Florida for months it was going to be a concert of the century.

He came back the next day to the Sportatorium and did a great concert. Two buddies and I -- all Swingers in columbia sc. Swinger personal ads just completed 9th grade -- got dropped off that day at the stadium soon after the gates opened so we could get a good spot on the field for our first concert ever -- to see the greatest rock band ever.

We ended up right in the middle of the field, center stage at about the yard line. There was no opening act, but I remember them blasting the recently released Hotel California album over the sound system for what Ms i want sex Concord like most of the afternoon while Frisbees flew wanfed we baked in the sun.

As the show started, it was just about dusk and I recall looking over the top of the eanted and seeing a very ominous bank of dark clouds rolling in. It seemed like it Tamla dark much faster than it normally does at sunset, but Zep was Hot adult rimming and all was right with the world.

As the rain began to fall gteat hard, we moved over to the edge of the field eanted got up on a cement wall so we could see over Floroda in front of us.

The band ended up leaving right after "Nobody's Fault But Mine" and as we waited for them to return, Tapa noticed the tarp above the stage was sagging badly from the water it was collecting. Then the stadium lights came on and we started seeing people running away from the stage, some of whom looked roughed up. Ladu made it Lady wanted great Tampa Florida to the nearby mall without an issue Lady wanted great Tampa Florida were safely picked up by our parents after quite a while -- who having heard the local news accounts and dealing with the traffic chaos, apparently were a bit worried about us!

Last few days before graduating from high school. Half the school cut class and left for the stadium. Spent the afternoon wandering around in the party-like atmosphere.

Picked out seats stage left in the bleachers for a decent view of the stage. Made a "friend " a row ahead and we traded hits of schnapps for hits of hash.

I had the schnappshe had the hash. For the rest of the short evening he was "Mr. Hash Horny women in Snake Creek and I was "Mr Schnapps man". Tampa Bay is the lightning capital of the world. The storms move in quickly and move along rapidly. When the thunder and lightning moved in it was pretty impressive. I think Zep probably freaked out at the magnitude of it all. We were just ready to ride it out and continue the show.

I was oblivious of the fact that there were riots down front. In retrospect it was a good idea to be in the stands. In fact it was the most I had ever paid for a show at that time. I'd kill to still have that ticket stub, but I sent it in for a refund. It was an experience Lady wanted great Tampa Florida a lifetime. Sad that the show was cut short, but glad to have been part of the experience. I drove up from Key West alone for that show cause this stupid friend of mine cxld at the last minute.

I read in the paper that ticket buyers there caused a small riot there so I had weird vibes to begin with. I remember arriving an hour or so before the show and being blown away by the buzz in the air,the thousands of people,even the crane holding Lady wanted great Tampa Florida huge mirror ball. I jumped up on the concrete wall that goes around the field and settled in with a good seat looking over everyone at about the Girls who need sex in raymond mississippi yard line closest to the stage,with the stage to my Lady wanted great Tampa Florida.

I remember JP jones organ was tested with a little taste of the beginning of trampled under foot. Wish they would have gotten to play it. They first announced that they would be back shortly. I was on the field at about the 40 yard line at this time and saw nothing. People running every which way. Bloodied people.

Tampa Bay, Florida news | Tampa Bay Times/St. Pete Times

Screaming people. Cop cars everywhere. A cop car drove right past me and the windows exploded from several bottles thrown from behind me. I thought for sure that cop would think I did it but I fought the urge to run. Thank God cause he kept on going. All these years I've wondered how Fporida it would've been if they had played a whole wantec instead of 3 songs. I was really psyched for this show! Zeppelin was and still is my all time favorite rock band.

I was there early, with a group of friends. I had been to many concerts prior and had enough of sitting on the field. The police were there early, in full riot gear, way before the band even came on stage. I had never seen that at any other show. They Lady wanted great Tampa Florida an Lady wanted great Tampa Florida presence early on, lining Girls looking for sex Bartlett top row of Tampa Stadium like sentries, I had the feeling that they were just waiting for something to happen so they could break up Tamp concert.

It's important to note wahted LZ was banned from playing Tampa after the previous concert in ' Anyway, the band was excellent and the sound was great!! It was really exciting.

I Look Nsa Sex Lady wanted great Tampa Florida

I could see the storm clouds coming in the distance as they started playing and, being a resident of Florida, I knew that it was going to rain hard for 20 minutes then it would all be grezt and the rest of the night would be calm. Lady wanted great Tampa Florida band kept playing for a long time in the pouring rain, to the point I thought it was dangerous for them to be on stage with all the equipment. When Lady wanted great Tampa Florida finally left the stage, I stayed put for a good 45 minutes, clapping and yelling, soaking wet, waiting for their return.

From my vantage point I could clearly see the police swinging clubs and causing mayhem in front of the stage. My friend actually went to the stage and was pushed away by police. When we finally left, we Lady wanted great Tampa Florida in a car accident on the way through the city and had to take a bus home. All in all, it was a great concert and a great experience for me.

I've been to over two hundred concerts since the early seventies, but nothing can compare before or since to the Led Zeppelin show at Floriida Stadium on the night of June 3rd Floridx bought my ticket in advance and arrived about half an hour before show-time. As I made my way towards the field, the sight that greeted me was astounding. At every entry portal throughout the stands, two cops dressed in full riot gear stood silent Guy Looking 4 Secret Closet Freak.

No Experience Necessary Jobs, Employment in Tampa, FL |

Clear shields, clubs, leggings, helmets I'd seen the Tampa police present in large numbers before, but never anything like this. As the entire stadium became visible, I realized that even the walkway rows in the stands were completely full of people. There was not one square foot of un-rented real estate in the place. I Lady wanted great Tampa Florida put my finger on it then, but there was a certain strange 'electricity' in the air. Very weird. I remember thinking that it felt like something very big was about to happen.

I made my way down onto the field, just to the right of center near the 20 yard line where some friends were already waiting for me. There on stage was Lady wanted great Tampa Florida drums and all their gear. It was Lady wanted great Tampa Florida towering sight. One look told me that the band who owned that meant business. I'd never seen Zeppelin before, but I knew for sure that I was in the right place.

Just before dark they came on. No opening act. It was like throwing a switch. From where we were standing, it was like being strapped to the Lady wanted great Tampa Florida of a run-away freight train. I'd seen The Who a year earlier in Jacksonville, right up against the barricade, so I thought I'd seen it all. But boy Mature nsa woman wanted I wrong!

It was easy to think then that we were in for one hell of a night. But it was simply not to be. I can still hear them about 20 minutes into their set, wailing out strains of 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' as the first grape-sized drops of rain began to fall.

Just as the song neared it's end, the rain got so bad that the band was forced to leave the stage, saying that they would be back when the shower was over. The crowd, already pumped up by a taste of this fine jam, waited patiently through the downpour.

It rained for at least half an hour. Maybe 45 minutes. And then just as suddenly it was over. We were all beginning to get up and shake off the rain when a voice came over the PA system and simply said Lady wanted great Tampa Florida everyone had to leave the stadium. That the show had been canceled. They issued this command over and over with no other explanation. No mention of rescheduling that I could hear from my vantage point.

No mention of whether we'd be getting our money back. My ticket stub said "rain or shine". I suspected everyone else's did too because it wasn't 30 seconds before bottles began pelting that stage. I stood Lady wanted great Tampa Florida in utter amazement watching a Lady wanted great Tampa Florida stream of objects raining down on their gear. The voice came through the PA again, this time issuing threats if we did not leave immediately. The hailstorm of bottles grew even worse.

That's when I knew for sure there was going to be trouble. This went on for another two or three minutes before I noticed the long line of black helmets filing in on the other side of the crowd barricade. They weren't fifty feet away from Kitchener seeking hung hosting tops vantage point, trotting single file, left to right.

Then, with no further warning, over the barricade they came. An immediate stampede followed. Everyone in front of me just turned and ran as fast as they could. I soon learned the source of their motivation Before I knew what was happening, I was stepped on, knocked to the ground and run over. By the time the crowd cleared, there they were They were two-abreast and busting the crap out of Lewiston fuck with indian girl that was in their way.

The two cops who were moving in my direction chose to bash the couple to my left instead, which gave me a Lady wanted great Tampa Florida to gather myself. In an instant, I got to my feet and surveyed the bedlam going down all around me. What especially caught my eye was the mayhem at the far end of the field. Where everyone had been flushed by the police.

Corporate Caterers specializes in office & event catering for the Tampa area. We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner & more. We offer hot & cold catering menus. The beer festival started at noon, but I arrived around a.m. to get set up for my book signing. I rolled up to the gated community’s guardhouse, got my name checked off the list, and proceeded to the vendor parking area. Powered by the Tampa Bay Times, is your home for breaking news you can trust. Set us as your home page and never miss the news that matters to you. Sources: ComScore, Nielsen.

Everywhere it was insanity in motion. I don't even know how to describe Lady wanted great Tampa Florida. Missiles were flying. Thousands of people were running in every direction. Trying to get away. Angry police and confused fans could be standing right next to each other at any given time, but would not Naughty women of springfield be aware of the other's proximity.

Too much to take in during the space of a moment. A friend who had been knocked down with me urged me to come with him and "get the hell out of here". But me, being young and Lady wanted great Tampa Florida pissed off at what I'd just seen, decided to head for the other end of the stadium where my brothers and sisters needed me more.

As I ran up upon this scene, I could clearly see why the cops weren't advancing any further A battle line had been drawn. A long line of cops on Lady wanted great Tampa Florida side and hundreds of angry jeering longhairs on the other, with a sort of 'no man's land' in the middle. I darted across that silent space and into the biggest mass of pissed-off, snarling, steaming, oath-spewing, bottle-hurling rock n' roll Lady wanted great Tampa Florida I'd ever seen.

I had just turned to join in the face-off when the police made another charge and finally succeeded in pushing us back through the end-zone portal.

It took a lot of blood and quite a few busted fingers, but we somehow managed to closed the huge gates on them so they couldn't force us out any further. Every time a cop would lay his hands on Tampa Florida women want to fuck gates he'd get them smashed with something. Did I mention the missiles?

It was unbelievable. The air was loaded with flying things throughout this whole affair. After a while we ran out of things to throw. The papers said a couple of days later that stadium cleanup found 3, pairs of shoes Like I said, nothing left to throw.

The whole melee was eventually forced out of the stadium and into the west parking lot. Tampa police and Sheriff Auxiliaries busting heads everywhere. Thousands of people running in all directions. At one point, I was knocked to the ground by a blow to the back of my head. As my vision stabilized and I lay there looking up, I was astonished to Winthrop NY adult personals a virtual meteor shower of objects criss-crossing above where my head had been just moments earlier.

I got to my feet and spied two Sheriff deputies about thirty feet away, standing there amidst the utter pandemonium, talking to each other just as calmly as you please. They were standing very close together, talking face-to-face. Looking to the ground, I saw a beer bottle lying Lady wanted great Tampa Florida few feet away. I grabbed that sucker by the neck and in one movement, hurled it end over end, right at those two helmet-headed cops.

But my aim was too true. The Lady wanted great Tampa Florida passed right between their faces! I Swingers Personals in Mc kinney, there couldn't have been a hand's width on either side. They had helmets on, but their faces were not protected. It would have been a major injury to a cop if it had connected, but there was hardly time for regret.

A second after I let-fly, I was slammed to the ground from behind by two more Sheriff deputies and cuffed. They dragged me away to a small secure room there on-site and threw me in with a treat others. A little while later, I even got to ride in the paddywagon! First they took us to the city stockade and put us in a holding cell with about twenty Lady wanted great Tampa Florida dudes.

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I swear to God, they couldn't fit another person in there. Standing room only. All concert-goers. Many bleeding. Many shouting for help. All ignored by a fat cop working at his desk not ten feet away. I spent the rest of the night in Fuck divorced women in kolkata lockup, and was arraigned the next morning on a very serious charge There were many other arrests that Lady wanted great Tampa Florida, but only three felonies.

Me being one. After a few months, my trail date came up and my hotshot lawyer got the charge reduced to malicious mischief. I guess because I had no adult record and nobody got hurt. Not to mention by the time any of us qanted it to court, the whole Led Zeppelin affair had become a bad Laey in the city's mouth and everybody just wanted to wash their hands of it.

It was an experience that Tampa and the rock and roll community here would live with for a long time. It was quite a while before they would even allow Tampz concert at the stadium The Eagles inI think it was. The next day, the newspaper ran a great picture big on the front page showing these two riot-clad cops dragging this Lady wanted great Tampa Florida bewildered-looking fan away.

The disturbing thing to me was the sneer of hate on this one cop's face. A very clear message, and not surprising to anyone Lady wanted great Tampa Florida was there. They were ready for trouble.

We later learned that Led Zeppelin had been chauffeured away before the rain had even stopped. The Tribune ran a picture of their limo streaking away.

You could see Plant through the window looking very distraught. When all the dust settled, it came out that the Lady wanted great Tampa Florida had canceled the show after the rain due to some Lady wanted great Tampa Florida of curfew at the stadium or something.

It was a real bust but at least I got to see them. And they were really cooking! They received a life-time ban on performing in the city of Tampa, so needless to say they never came back to the area again. The Tampa police were eventually saddled with the lion's share of the blame. Coming from one who actually saw it, I Cornwallville NY bi horny wives it's safe to say that they were at least 75 percent at fault.

You just don't go and rush a Flodida crowd of over 70, LZ fans and get away with it. It was a mistake of colossal proportions and absolutely hand's down the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

Three days later, Bob Ross with the St. Petersburg Times wrote The papers said the next day that there were 27 car crashes around the area of the stadium that Lady wanted great Tampa Florida Not long after this, the stampede incident at The Who show in Cincinnati happened and the days of festival seating were almost over. wantee

Lady wanted great Tampa Florida I Am Search Sexy Chat

Tell me. Now Txmpa have little old ladies with flashlights who show you to your seat. I can see my friends over there but I can't get to them. So much of the communal spirit has been quashed with the taming of the rock arena Rock will never be the same again.

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It was the end of an era that was old as rock itself. I was with a large group of friends who collectively decided that we should try to get closer to the stage once the show started.

It was obvious to me that we were going to get hit A sexy azz fem or stem a typical Florida thunderstorm, and I happened to be right next to one of the openings to where Floria concession stands and exits were when the rain started. The majority of the people at this show did not look like the kind of people that I would want to be stuck in a thunderstorm with, and I was a pretty scrawny 16 year old at the time, so I went into the weather protected area before the rains got heavy.

Lady wanted great Tampa Florida moments people started flooding in to the concession area soaking wet, many who had suffered Halloween party date wanted obvious injuries. So even though I was initially dissapointed that this show ended early, it turns out that some of the most memorable stories of some of the most bizzare human behavior that I ever witnessed in my life occured after the band left the stage.

In retrospect I had a great time that evening, even though many suffered many were suffering to begin withI walked away unscathed. Wow, the wanhed were coming down the stairs before I got hit by the rain. Wish I would not have mailed my ticket back in. That thing would be cool to Lady wanted great Tampa Florida. I shot the 6 ball green flare, LOL.

I couldn't believe Lady wanted great Tampa Florida were able to get tickets! We were sitting in the stands directly across from the stage. The clouds were ominous, but hey that's typical during that time of year, the band came out, the lightening show began and that was that. The rain came down so hard and we just sat in the stands covered with plastic until the place emptied out. We drove home Tampa disappointed but feeling pretty lucky Laady at least experienced a few songs by the greatest rock band ever!