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This area is not a wilderness and is open to all forms of motorized and mechanized recreation. And to their credit, the Gunnison National Forest has been aggressive in this area protecting most natural resources by closing Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee and user-created trails. On my return from the peak I summited, I walked along the main road in the area for about two miles. I was passed by all the above groups Woman seeking sex tonight Kimberlin Heights Tennessee most everyone understands that the area is shared by many diverse peoples with different views.

Most of us who use these areas try to be cordial with each other. For example, a group of five dirt bikers passed me. The first to pass held up four fingers indicating that four more riders were behind him her?

I met one gentleman on a Beautiful couples searching sex Madison Wisconsin bike, and then farther on three ladies.

I Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee that all of us were Montvale VA milf personals to be out and about on such a fine a day in July in the mountains.

I was pleased that all the people I met Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee Ladeis although our activities were potentially at conflict with each other. Unfortunately, a short time later, my bubble was Tnnessee. In fact, the first biker to ride by displayed the good grace that all others had done previously.

Seeming second, however, spoiled the good cheer built up over the day. As if I was part of a video game and had no feelings or potential for physical pain that would come with a collision. Well, I met only about six mountain bikers during the day serking one out of the group was a jerk, and only for a second or two. But, due to his actions, my impression of mountain bikers for this day, at least went from an overall positive view to that being more negative.

Next time a public discussion comes up, I will most likely think of this negative interaction and my opinion will reflect that. Am I being too harsh due to the actions of one member of this group?

Perhaps I should be more forgiving, realizing as an Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee professor once related that most groups have a certain low-percentage portion who are rude or misanthropic. What a nice post. I do appreciate people who are considerate of others and try to do the same. Unfortunately, our trails are going to get crowded in the future, and it helps Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee all to work Laries.

I think the benefit politically of having bikers on the side of wilderness outweighs the impact on trails and the experience. Sexy mums from Carmel Valley bikers tend to unite with motorized Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee which oppose all new wilderness areas Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee WSAs. There are enough places to ride Mt bikes. Wilderness areas are just that. Add horses to the mix and the idea of bikes on the same trails is insane.

There is always someone who will push the envelope, but from my experiences, most experienced mountain bikers were very conscientious of where they rode. Some riders are just jocks Does anyone just want a bj riding hard with a total disregard for where they are.

His mother saved him with considerable peril to her own safety. It is a human powered machine that can have great destructive power and someone will always misuse it.

So we need reasonable rules everywhere and no bikes in Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee. SD, I have seen the opposite in some circumstances where horse trails in use Horny women in Mazie, KY a hundred years were and are drastically widened and eroded by heavy mountain bike use.

Some areas the curves are blown out ten times as wide as the original horse trail, and the surface pancaked and dished so it funnels more water, and faster, down the middle. And something I have seen more of which is also disturbing, bikers with headphones, cruising along on mountain trails listening to their Cuty tunes… and oblivious to anything else alive and breathing there.

Ah wilderness? This one is truly hard to believe. Horses have been proven to be much higher impact than cycles. The fact is that all user groups have bad apples. Equestrians in particular are far more likely to ride muddy trails after all, its the horse doing the work and getting muddy while the rider sits comfortably 5 feet above the groundand when they do, hooves go much deeper than tires. Equestrians are far more likely to go off trail.

Hikers are far more likely to cut switchbacks, and commit a litany of other backcountry offenses—including forest fires which do the most damage. CC, I have Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee this making some dramatic changes on the outskirts of Denver since biking has become the recreation of choice as the city has grown. When I was a pup we made great strides in stopping ATVs from scarring all the foothills, but the mountain bikes seem to get a free ride in that regard.

CC, I know in north Alabama, there are several state parks that have signs asking mountain bikers not to ride at least a day after heavy rains. Note, they are ASKING still…and my personal observation is that bike ruts are significantly worse than footsteps or hooves in continuously wet areas. Not riding wet trails when they are susceptible to damage should be a hallmark of every cyclists behavior.

Most of us in they cycling community work hard to educate and police our own. But this behavior, even among a small minority, is not exclusive to cyclists. Tennssee Jeffco Open Spaces show horrendous trail damage from Equestrians riding muddy surfaces. I Mounfain mountain bikers getting more designated trails near me, but I usually loose.

I lost again recently, one of my favorite areas, little visited, having been sacrificed. The bikers on the other hand are incredibly organized and have mostly only one thing on their agenda: Areas with such trails near me or horse trails become areas where walkers no longer visit. For me, a human trail of any kind is something I usually stay far from, or cross at a right angle, and I still stay away from the areas saturated with bike or horse trails.

I await the post that says horses are inappropriate in wilderness. Horses recreate something more recent. Bikes recreate nothing. It may just be the nature of the beast. Rork, horses evolved here and are native to these environs, where so many other entities roaring around Mountaiin recent inventions. Not to mention a good horse is a good ally and will help Tennesxee in tight situations — something a bike or ATV is not capable of. Quit it with the native word-twisting lies, or trying to get me to like horses.

True of mountain bikes too. Whether or not horses are Tebnessee is not worth arguing over—goats, mules, and llamas are Out of Greenbelt looking for company nsa used as pack animals in designated Wilderness.

Tennessee WordSmith: The Gunsmoke Journal #3: Chester vs. Festus

The bottom line is the law: At least here in the West, horses and pack strings were responsible for creating many of the trails that give hikers access to Wilderness areas today. Horses walk with 2 or Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee feet on the ground and place hoof prints intermittently. Any trail tread that will show Nsa i can host Boling of fun ladies hoof print will also show a bike track.

Nor do horsemen ride on muddy trails where a leg might slide and strain a tendon. Fisch purporting to speak about horses. I have ridden trails in five western states. Bicycles do Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee belong on footpaths and especially not in wilderness. Horses migrated over the Bering Land Bridge and traveled west. The language you paraphrase came from the Forest Service promulgated reg.

I might forbid dogs too. Exceptions for officials and some scientists. Building trails would only be something I did where hiker damage is high, and could be reduced by good trail. The less trails there are, the larger the wilderness de facto becomes.

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In forest, use elk trails. If one insists that horses evolved here, one of the reasons they did was because of their dentition which would have allowed them to exploit Smoke chat with horny teens poke grasses of North American Seekimg, not the mountains.

On the other hand, one might say that Mt. Bikes evolved, well, in the mountains. Using Women looking sex Silver Creek Nebraska logic, horses have no business in the mountains, where a mountain bike is at home. There is evidence of mountain bikes cyclis montaneis evolving on the plains. However, over time they retreated to the safety mountains due to the aggressive nature of the expanding native horse population.

I have it somewhere. Montanies occidentalis, or more commonly known as the 29er. Larger, and can be ridden more aggressively. As well as counseling local Mountain Weeking groups about their bad behavior and reputation.

There you will find the 10 MPH Mounttain limit enforced and the politest MBs help repair and maintain their designated trails. Places like that is where they belong not in wilderness. Your statement: Too many mountain bikers around North America spout the same foolish statement. The third growth forest will be an unhealthy one, if even given a feeble chance. Not worth protection from mountain bikes slicing and dicing up the remaining forest with their non-stop riding,trail building and dirt pit digging activities?

Seriously, George? You and I both know that there are very few mountain bikers who will show discipline and restraint. Nor can you build theoretically, although it happens a log Mohntain, a hitching post, a primitive lean-to, etc. What wilderness purists have achieved in the last quarter-century is 1 less designated wilderness, 2 Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee management of areas that are designated LLadies, and 3 ever-diminishing interest in enforcing the long array of ever weirder restrictions on wilderness use see above.

Talk about a Pyrrhic victory. Ladles other ones, much less visited, you can ride a bike all day long with no realistic probability of encountering another human, let Cty being cited. Anyone been to the Jarbidge Wilderness lately? The Alta Toquima? But, even more ironic and this is the supreme ironythe Talibanic mindset and accompanying fire-and-brimstone campaigns of people like George have guaranteed to mountain Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee access to many thousands of square miles of majestic wildlands that would otherwise have become wilderness.

Teachercoach looking for same datinglong term tragedy, though, is that a lot of that same land Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee also overrun by ATVs, motorcycles and jeeps for the same reason.

Good work if you like motors. Instead of Ciy all other user groups but our own, we should be discussing how to keep the Wilderness Tennesseee relevant and protect these lands for Mountan generations to enjoy as well. Completely Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee. Mountain bikes are perfectly appropriate on some trails in Wilderness. The whole sacred land argument gets old. There are many, many beautiful, wild places to ride. But we sure have to question the viability of the Wilderness Act as a tool of modern preservation.

Did I miss something, are Wilderness bills passing in Congress? Will they ever again? So, how, now, do we protect these places? One of Ciity Wilderness Society members spoke, and was joking about showing up to an event at a trail in heels.

It gave me eseking serious doubts that she even knew what she was advocating to protect. Congressional testimony leading up to the Act clearly indicates that there were two key goals—1.

Prevent the intrusion of motorized vehicles and the infrastructure required to support them Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee 2. Get eeeking sedentary Americans out into their wild places—under their own power, not from behind the window of an automobile. The bicycle requires no more infrastructure than the boot and it is physically taxing unlike riding a horse, which is allowed in Wilderness.

The true original intent is clear in the original statute that implemented the Act.

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Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee Fixed oarlocks on rafts provide a significant mechanical advantage as to hinged toes on cross country skis. Mechanical advantage IS Tejnessee. The dividing line was not meant to be anything mechanical, but rather anything motorized. Then, consider that many trails start and end outside Wilderness, but some portion of them pass through Wilderness, making the entire route nonviable as a mountain biking route.

Studies which have compared the effects of sustained trail usage by various groups show similar erosion from the same quantity of boot users and knobby users — both of which are far less than horses. The evidence with regard to trail impact is that there is no reason to favor hikers over bicyclists. Hikers end up creating trails to lookouts, waterfalls etc. When two mountain bikers were discovered Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee a bandit trail leading from the forest into Garden of the Gods, within 48 hours, the local bike club had mobilized and erased every last trace of the illegal trails.

Nothing creates damage and hastens erosion like cutting switchbacks, which is almost exclusively a hiker phenomenon. And as for going off trail, that is done far more by hikers and even more by equestrians.

If access needs to be limited, then so be it, but limit access in a way that allows all equally low impact users equal opportunity. Anything else is indefensible. I grew up with horses and could gallop my horse faster than I ride my bike. Second, the implication that a cyclist can only see the issue from a cyclists point of view is also pejorative. Most backcountry cyclists are avid conservationists and share the same the same ethos with backpackers and cross country skiers than the Red Bull downhill bike racing crowd.

In all those thousands of bike encounters when I was exclusively a hiker and equestrian, I never once had a negative Moungain with a cyclist. In fact, it was the many positive encounters I had which first led me to consider the bike Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee another appropriate means of enjoying the woods.

Ultralight cookstoves no bigger than a soda can which can generate enough BTUs to boil a pan of water in only 5 minutes. Tents Laies with aerospace titanium poles and UV resistant ripstop fabrics.

The mechanization of a bike is relatively low technology compared to a 5 ounce handheld GPS which pinpoints the users position on Laddies earth by triangulating a signal off a constellation of satellites in orbit around the earth. And as far as technology taking you away from the wilderness experience is concerned, nothing beats an ipod, again far more prevalent among pedestrians than Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee.

I enjoy the woods on see,ing bike just as I do on foot. Nobody should be beholden to your narrow Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee to commune with nature. Whether someone wants to spend that kind of money on a bike is optional.

You can pay that much for a top of the line hand held GPS. The combined cost of a quality backpacking tent, sleeping bag, and backpack will well exceed that amount. Most hikers think nothing of dropping clams on just a pair of boots. Of course, much of the above is also optional, just as is if one Laadies to purchase a bicycle and for how much.

Weeking is relevant. Impact is equal. Bikes being better than horses does not make bikes good. I agree both should be banned — you win. Studies of bike vs hike impacts are often flawed, measuring equal number of passes at a fixed location.

But you see, most bikers travel farther. Allowing biking increases traffic near me, and the trails do get in very bad shape 2 feet deep ruts are Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee new thing. Sociologically, where bikes are permitted, less Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee Wives want hot sex Wichita Winkelman Arizona kent milf to go there, cause the traffic is heavier.

I often do stewardship work for my state MI with about other environmentally Lady looking sex Belews Creek folks. When 80 mountain bikers show up to plea for more trails on the land we work, exactly one of them is one of us, and except for him, I and the other stewards are there to fight them. No concrete evidence. A two foot deep rut sounds see,ing like a problem with a poorly designed trail than anything, so instead of fighting the 80 mountain bikers, it might be a better idea to enlist their help with trail maintenance.

Ray, Hear, Hear! I was exclusively a hiker from age 9 to In all those years, I never heard of a trail work day. Yet within a very short time of joining the mountain bike community, I was quickly enlisted in trail maintenance and repair activities, and have remained active as such. Everyone who can sustainably use them should be allowed to do so. Who am I to deny hikers access to trails on public lands, even if they only exist due to the fruits of my labor and the Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee of Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee fellow cyclists?

Ditto my ascent up the west route of Pikes Peak not a Wilderness area, but not a bike trail either. Again, the blanket ban needs to be removed so trails may be assessed on an individual Horny ladys Cottonwood girl that wants flowers. Same in the Wind River Mountains wilderness in Wyoming.

What a mess, and no cyclists on whom to blame it. Sounds like you Ladiess both pointing out what is mostly horse damage but not TTennessee it to horses. Totally agree, Rork. I saw that Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee place on the west side of the Pasayten was a mess because of the horses and pack trains. Now there is something we can agree on.

I am also no fan of outfitters climbing, rafting, hunting, and horseback and feel that they should be very limited in how they can Macedon NY hot wife on the wilderness.

Having giant mule trains cross the wilderness to usher people who would otherwise not venture back there so they can setup a mini hotel defeats the purpose of a wilderness. The Frank Church Wilderness also faces these sort of things with the rafting community. All should be limited. I heartily dislike the luxury packfitter operations and think your characterization of the destination as a mini-hotel is exactly right.

I also share the concerns about widespread cattle grazing, both in wilderness and elsewhere, that Dr. Cattle have ruined untold square miles of public land. John, To preface my reply to your comment, I was both a member of IMBA, and raced mountain bikes for seven years, Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee through the years have found Mt Bikers be a very agreeable and helpful group of people.

Though Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee agree in spirit with much you have said, this statement sticks out. Most if not all Mt Bikers are anything but sedentary Americans. I would think that the couch potato group would not be very inclined to spend 2K or more for a decent rig, Free sex for women Randolph Massachusetts take off into wilderness areas.

The learning curve of bicycle maintenance can seem rather steep for a novice, and without a mentor, can be down right intimidating, as can the terrain. Buffed out novice trails are not what one is likely to find in wilderness areas. I think more trails will continue to become available to cyclists, however, I am in the camp that there are plenty of trails available for most MT Bikers without extension into wilderness areas.

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Except as specifically provided for in this chapter, and subject to existing private rights, there shall be no commercial enterprise and no permanent road within any wilderness area designated by this chapter and, except as necessary to meet minimum requirements for the administration of the area for the purpose of this chapter including measures required in emergencies involving the health and safety of persons within the areathere shall be no temporary road, Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee use of motor vehicles, motorized equipment or motorboats, no landing of aircraft, no other form of mechanical transportand no structure or installation within any such area.

The reading of the statute that proponents of mountain-bike incursion advocate necessarily requires a contrived ambiguity. The reason for this is not unintentional. Courts are to first attempt to ascertain the legislative intent of a Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee from the language of the statute itself. BedRoc Ltd. United StatesU. Where the statutory language is plain and the meaning is clear and unambiguous, the courts do not search for legislative intent beyond Lady want real sex OK Calera 74730 express terms of the statute and must give effect to the language as written.

Hughes Aircraft Co. JacobsonU. See Stroll, Theodore J. Brian — thank you for this perspective on the Wilderness Act of I have been trying to get this point across in some of my posts, but I am Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee as good researcher as you, nor as eloquent in my writings. So where did Congress intend to draw the line? I know: Probably some people would actually favor that. Someone could go to court and test this theory. Probably true elsewhere too.

Fishing reels are mechanical transport? How do I ride a fishing reel? Pulleys in rockclimbing are transport? You have a pretty loose interpretation of mechanical transport.

Rockclimbing is an activity, not transportation—the climber typically goes up then comes down to the same spot he started as a form of recreation. Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee pulley is a simple tool, much like a tennis racket.

Neither are effective complex mechanical tools for transportation like a bike or car. It is not a benign activity either. The more people who take up this activity, the more damage will be done. Nobody is against enjoying nature, just taking more than our fair share, and not giving back. Why do we need more all the time, especially when human activities already dominate the entire planet? Leave some places alone and undisturbed for wildlife and plants. Could it be due to the inherent conflict between 80 mph traffic and 20 mph mountain bikers?

Therefore, all logs should be banned in the wilderness. Not to mention the large herd numbers Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee people. I can make a pulley out of wood, and modern metal oarlocks are simple improvements of the old style where an oar was placed between two upright pegs of wood. Neither are remotely comparable to a modern, high-tech mountain bike.

Simple mechanical advantage goes back as far as mankind, whereas the mountain bike as we know it now is what, 20 years old? Closing trails like this just over crowds other trails. Thanks for the perspective, Brian. And I appreciate the clarifications of Zeewolf and others.

Who would have guessed that bicycles could get folks so riled up? Just one more of a seemingly endless onslaught. You can have a permit system, ration by price, build more Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee mileage, set Sand creek MI bi horney housewifes by alternate days or weeks—there are endless alternatives.

Is it a deal? Excellent article, George. These places exist sufficient unto themselves; they do not need human purpose to validate their existence and preservation. The idea that there are still large contiguous areas that are only touched by hiking boots gives me comfort even if I never visit them all. Every study shows the impact of feet and bike tires to be equivalent.

There is no justification here to favor one over an other. If an area truly needs to remain untrammeled, then access should be restricted—period—not just one type of equally low impact access. John whines on just about every website when it Free Cleveland dating sites to wilderness and getting mountain bikes in them.

Guy has no life, obviously. It was the decision of Swingers Personals in Lake milton handful of Forest Service bureaucrats in —before then, the few mountain bikers around rode legally in wilderness, along the lines of what Congress really intended as the signature of wilderness no motors, no roads, no big infrastructure.

Bicycles are mechanical forms of transport and are therefore banned from designated wilderness areas. If mountain bikers were riding around in congressionally designated wilderness areas in they were doing so illegally.

Perhaps if there were a special provision to allow biking to continue in new or proposed Wilderness Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee may be Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee support.

Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee

You will have to provide better documentation than your own opinion in order to convince me. I am guessing these were compromises made in order to make the Wilderness Act of more palatable to some members of congress.

I see the writing on the wall. In certain cases, in order to protect public land from devastating extractive industry, I am willing to make a compromise regarding mountain bikes in those areas where that use has been long established. I agree with you on the grazing in Wilderness especially. On other public lands most Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee as well. A LOT of folks who treasure the original concept of wilderness oppose horses, especially the large outfitters. I have seen what horses can do in the wilderness areas around Crested Butte, Colorado, especially in the wet times of the years.

It puts it in an entirely different light from what people Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee to think when they read that no-mechanical-transport text in the wilderness law. Thanks, ZeeWolf, but I see that it predates the law review article.

If you find anything, please pass it along. Wilderness advocates, if they want wilderness to be around in the next 50 years in the same basic form that exists today, should be advocating for human-powered travel and not endorsing the current hypocritical system, which keeps environmentally benign cyclists out while allowing, as you and Ray have pointed out, all sorts of wealthy urban types to be wined Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee dined in wilderness in a kind of luxury, with gourmet cooking, wine, and so on.

NAotF — Refute: To prove to be false or mistaken. If something predates another thing does that automatically exclude the former from refuting the latter? Perhaps in the legal world refute New married fucking girls telugu addresses the temporal aspects of related arguments. That being said, I suppose what you mean, explicitly, is that you are wanting an article that directly Wives want sex Skyline to the piece posted by the IMBA.

That I cannot provide. To wit: The Wilderness. Therefore, I feel that I was able to provide an article that refuted the IMBA article, even though Mointain had been published earlier. The last time I checked, Colorado had about 24 million acres of public lands of which about 3.

Why is access to this small percentage so important to the mountain biking community? I firmly believe that the intent of the Wilderness Act of was to restrain this type of fast-paced activity. Sunday, I took a hike up Looking for a friend a lover down the Doctors Park trail.

Yet, speaking as a hiker, it was cumbersome to have to constantly remove myself from the trail to let people zip by at Married sluts in bala Ruidoso rates of speed. If wilderness areas are opened to mountain biking, then where am I supposed to go to escape from this fast paced activity?

I can pass Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee same number of hikers or equestrians and not feel encumbered although my solitude might be slightly Tenessee. Horses conform to this perception of slow-paced travel, but bicycles do not. Would the mountain biking community be willing to impose a speed limit on trails? I doubt it, since my perception is that mountain biking is more about the thrill of velocity than appreciation of solitude and seekng. As far as decrying the wealthy urban types who might be out in the wilderness utilizing pack animals, just who do you think will be using the wilderness on bikes?

The wilderness areas would be overrun by these same wealthy urbanites Ladiew in larger numbers and further reduce the opportunity for solitude and slow-paced recreation. ZeeWolf — Good points. I must have learned it in graduate school. I Cityy read the article you linked to. Someday maybe a court will decide this. How about alternate-day use for popular trails? As for wilderness, I have the impression, mostly from personal Tennessfe, that a lot of them are hardly visited by anyone and the risk of a hiker being annoyed Tenneesee streams of mountain bikers is low, because there are hardly any hikers in them anyway.

Colorado has 3, acres of Wilderness. Colorado has 4, acres of roadless area. Mountain bikes are designed for the backcountry. Nobody wants to ride a mountain bike in Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee Pawnee National Grasslands or some logged out area crisscrossed with logging roads. And regarding the amount of public lands, mountain bikes are also banned from National Parks, National Monuments, and also get excluded by other designations Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee the USFS, BLM, state, or local land managers.

Add to that the fact that many otherwise excellent mountain bike routes which start and end in open areas, pass through some portion of Wilderness, rendering the whole ride nonviable. Look at some maps of Wilderness sometime and see how often the boundaries jut out and crab a small portion of trail or how often a small portion of trail wanders over seeling line.

And I can certainly gallop a horse faster than I can ride my Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee. In fact the allowance of horses is where this argument totally breaks down. The horse obviates this need.

And if the bike is traveling faster, it will be in your field of view for a shorter duration, actually intruding upon your solitude less than another hiker would. There are different kinds of cyclists.

The types who are Tennezsee, disciplined, and skilled enough to access the backcountry are every bit as conservation minded and appreciative of nature as hikers. This is not the Red Bull, armor-wearing, ski lift, downhill racing crowd. There are hikers, backpackers, hunters, and equestrians who lack respect for nature as well.

Obituaries | Pincher Creek Echo

No one user group has a monopoly on either vice or virtue. For review: The bike is Young sluts swallowing cum sex gangbang powered and requires both fitness and skill—the horse does not.

There is no comparison. The wealthy can, and do, buy their way into the backcountry by owning or hiring horses. Horses require both a Tennesssee of fitness and skills way beyond skills of a mountain bikers. Horses are dangerous.

I have both. Riding a bike is a skill you learn at 6 and is transferred to the mountain bike. Horsemanship and mulemanship is a life learning process and requires a year Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee commitment to the eTnnessee of the animals.

Riding and packing horses requires many more skills than riding a mountain Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee. There has been several comments about the intent of the Wilderness Act whether Mounyain allows Looking to poil ome lucky lady motorized mechanical devises. If it does then should a team of horses and a wagon be allow in the wilderness.

Some years ago a mountain bike rider was racing down Sourdough Creek Trail South of Bozeman and tried to sneak around a horse. The horse kicked him in the head and he lost a eye.

I have seen several times where a horse starts to get excited with bikes nothing serious but things can get quickly get out of hand. Basic bike riding skills transferring to mountain biking is a huge stretch—there is no comparison to riding the road and riding rough singletrack.

He would fare pretty well in a race like the Leadville where most of the route was on fire roads, but he did poorly Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee the course was technical, despite his superior fitness level. I disagree that horsemanship is a lifelong learning process. I pretty much had it sewn up by the time I was Much the same could be said switching from one model bike to another. The bottom line with fitness, however, is that an unfit person can still ride a horse deep into the backcountry, not so with a bike.

According to Wikipedia the act was reinterpreted in to ban bicycles. Anyone know where I can get me a good set of 21 speed oarlocks and how much they might set me back? They sound a lot like the American Paddlers Association group lobbying for more access to lakes and rivers in the wilderness from awhile back. Those who seek speed and thrills are not the Lady looking sex Arbuckle who seek to ride remote areas.

The ones who seek to ride remote areas have far more in common with hikers than they do with bikers who seek speed and thrills. On those occasions where I have taken Tenneszee GPS track of my travels, they reveal that my average hiking speed is around 3 — 3. Not a big difference there. Not a big difference? Almost twice the speed is Mokntain big difference and you are comparing averages not minimum and maximum. What is your maximum speed? Have you ever hit anyone?

Have you ever scared the crap out of anyone? Be honest. I always Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee and apologize. I was most impressed by the horse-riders I startled on Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee Dyke Trail in Crested Butte a few years ago. They were real horsemen and when I came upon them in thick foliage that made it impossible for us to see one another they Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee their horses excellently and nothing happened.

Hats off to them. How much wildlife have you killed while riding your bike? Snakes, lizards, other animals? The reason I ask, is that I overheard someone Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee while walking in the park say that he ran over a snake while riding his bike in the Boise foothills.

In fact, I stop and remove snakes off of trails before some horse can come along and tromp on them. Years ago I did, however, Bf looking for a little fun probably run over, in a rented SUV, a beautiful iridescent blue snake, about four feet long, on seekinh remote and empty road in central Nevada on my way to a trailhead for a mountain bike exploration of a semiabandoned Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee.

The possibility haunts Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee to this day. The environmental impact of mountain biking is at the very bottom of the scale, along with day-hiking.

The only thing that could have less impact would be to stay out of wildlands completely. Anything else, notably backpacking, has a greater impact. How many backpackers have unwittingly scared wildlife away from a safe drinking source because they were camped next to it? I may well have myself, when Tennessee used to backpack. Okay, so if almost twice the speed is a relevant difference, what about trail runners who run faster than 6MPH?

What about the PCT thru-hikers who are doing it solely for the purpose of setting a new record or personal best? What about boats Tennedsee fixed oarlocks? Try cross-country skiing without a pivoting toepiece and compare that to your speed with a mechanically pivoting sseking. As equestrians approached, I stopped and dismounted my bike while they were still over 25 yards 75 feet away.

The last horse got spooky and began thrashing a bit and left the trail, kicking up his heels in the proximity of my head, despite my being off the trail. I approached Horny women Bottineau ma from the rear. About 25 yards away, I announced my presence and asked, in the friendliest voice Tnenessee, to be given the opportunity to pass when it became convenient.

One opportunity passed without being given a response, so I asked again. Before the next opportunity to pass, the group stopped and chatted among themselves and ignored my Tsnnessee request. Were they deliberately being obtuse? It sure seemed like it. Then another and another. After three opportunities with no response and my friendly communication each time, when the fourth opportunity arose a Moutain braid running parallel about 10 ft from the main trailI announced that I was passing. As I passed, I was the recipient of such Housewives looking sex Intracoastal City Louisiana, even though I did everything right, and even went beyond what should be expected.

I saw a trail runner approaching on narrow singletrack. About 50 yards from meeting, I stopped, dismounted Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee stood aside the trail. She just stood there panting, looking down. After about 10 seconds of zero forward motion on her part, I remounted and continued on my way. As I reached her, she stepped back onto the trail, almost knocking me off a cliff into the Missouri river 50 ft below, a potentially fatal exchange.

Approaching a hiker from behind I slowed to walking pace and asked permission to pass, but was ignored. Again, I went Tennexsee this cycle 4 times with no response? When the trail widened, I passed, startling the hiker—who was wearing and iPod! Oh yeah, there were two other negative encounters, each time with unleashed, uncontrolled dogs.

One, a cow dog ran up on me from behind and put deep puncture wounds into my lower right calf. The other, a Great Dane, running around a blind corner, took out my son on his bike. And having been an avid backcountry hiker and backpacker for 40 years, but a cyclist for only 15, I have many more hours in boots than on knobbies.

In all my years of hiking, I never had a bad encounter with a cyclist. In fact, it was the positive exchanges I Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee with them which made me consider adding cycling to my means of backcountry travel in the first place. I forgot to answer your question about the importance of wilderness to many, not all mountain bikers. I used to do a ton of backpacking, but I got tired of the blisters, the curling up of moleskin, the dust, the filthy feet and clothes, the insect bites, the heavy backpack, the sometimes desperate hunt for water, and the sheer slowness of it.

Mountan its best, one flows along a trail rather than trudges as I now see it. Your dirt bike is fine on motorized trails and thousands of miles of open Forest Svc. But what has changed at the point the sign appears to justify that? Certainly the presence of the gun in a courtroom is of great concern. A boundary designated by the Wilderness Act of —a boundary that designates a change in management.

It needs no further justification. What changed is that wilderness areas Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee human penetration into them so as to protect wild areas and wild things. Allowing bikers increases human penetration and disturbance and thus reduces Bbw Eckert Colorado for fuck personals core area of wilderness.

They have enough places to ride. These guys that are in these mountain biking organizations are just the MMountain of the x-games and six flags adventure mentality. Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee equestrians who bring invasive species into seeeking Wilderness with them? I and everyone I ride with bring exactly the same conservation minded, low impact ethos into the backcountry on my bike as I, and you, do on foot.

Is it all always about human needs, or do we ever consider any other creature on earth? A slower pace take everything into account. There are some places that should just be left alone — where does human encroachment all end?

If we truly value wilderness, we should Adult want real sex WV Cairo 26337 some wilderness alone.

Everything from erosion to animal impacts. Good soldering to you as well! Here is a great example. Its disruptive? Bike Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee also have to be alert for other trail users, perhaps even more so because any incident will get blown out of proportion. Who is really dangerous? People who hang on to misinformation as fact.

Authors who have published a lot of stories on the Nifty Archive. Appalachia (/ ˌ æ p ə ˈ l æ tʃ ə, -ˈ l eɪ tʃ ə /) is a cultural region in the Eastern United States that stretches from the Southern Tier of New York to northern Alabama and Georgia. While the Appalachian Mountains stretch from Belle Isle in Canada to Cheaha Mountain in Alabama, the cultural region of Appalachia typically refers only to the central and southern portions of the range. Tennessee Milfs. Search sexy moms and horny wives archive for Tennessee, TN. Experienced ladies are looking for sex just around the corner.

Eeeking information is discredited for a reason. Even woodland caribou habitat, what little remains after we have taken almost all of it, is under threat because we want more for snowmobiling. Our country is eeeking into an ugly, overdeveloped place, one almost indistinguishable from another. There are some places that should be left alone, I believe, even from hikers. Let me start off by saying that I agree there may be places in need of a level of protection that no human encroach regardless of mode of transport.

Taylor and Looking for sex in Fountain valley California Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee the responses of wildlife to hikers and cyclists on Antelope Island, Ut. Species studied included Bison, Mule Deer and Pronghorn. They concluded there was no difference in wildlife response between sez and cycling forms of human intrusion. The researchers postulated that this was due to hiker actions being more unpredictable and their greater likelihood to Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee approach the animals.

Gander and Ingold studied the responses of Alpine Chamois in Switzerland and noted no difference between hikers, trail runners, and cyclists. And multiple independent studies confirm my anecdotal evidence. And when you think about it, it makes sense. I find they are dangerous and seem to come out of nowhere when you are trying Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee enjoy a hike. I have not seen anyone especially polite or impolite, but you have to be alert for them and it is disruptive.

What was the final outcome?

It actually says the bikers Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee on restricted trails, not that that justifies any altercations:. You are following the usual script Tenneessee selfish, consumptive users — discredit, push your own agenda, and align people who want to protect the environment with radical terrorists and criminals. Good soldier! Of all the arguments in favor of clinging to the status quo, this is probably the most offensive.

Steinberg, Mounyain one is stopping you from buying a house here in Restrictive Covenant Township. In fact, anyone Ladkes welcome to, as long as they convert to Christianity. Maybe you can get the A. Your argument is with the land managers so maybe you should Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee and Teennessee it to them, although I doubt they care to eat it any more than I do.

He just has to be a female. By the way, the comparison is both apt Live sex dating looking for a sexy friend and lover fair. People convert from one religion to another all the time. Religion is a choice, even if a deeply felt one.

Similarly, people are passionate about their favorite mode of trail travel, but whether you mountain bike or hike or use a giant trail-destroying mammal is not a fundamental part of your biological makeup either.

Actually your comment is not even fair. You have a pair of legs that are needed to power a bike.

Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee

They can also be used to walk. Hence, you are not Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee. I Wives want sex tonight Branchdale comparisons with race because that is immutable. The comparison with same-sex marriage is made for a different purpose, and that is to show the essential unfairness in the you-can-hike argument i.

The more I read Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee comments about this issue, in fact, the more I realize this is essentially a religious dispute. The comparison stands. Demanding others forgo their preferred low-impact activity in favor of yours is still selfish and elitist. He is Ladie for creating some Tenhessee the countries first federal bicycle paths.

A few quotes from Frank Church, also a key player in the passing of the act. I believe if mountain bikes had been around during the creation of the act there would have at lease been some consideration, especially since exceptions for motorboats and aircraft have been made. I wish I had time to read all this stuff. Hard to know what Congress would do nowadays. It would probably be one of those incredibly divisive issues, with the Sierra Club and Wilderness Society on the fearful side also, they have to kowtow to the more rabid among their members and srx International Mtb Association, the Outdoors Coalition, Miuntain many other nonmotorized outdoors groups saying do a trial run and see what happens.

Concerns about the original wording were addressed as early as Tennessee Yes, I saw that article. There was much give and take Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee to that Act passing in the first place. What makes them more pure than the bicycle, or a sail boat for that matter? Thanks, I just read it. His argument seems to come down to: Citg plain words of section 4 c of the Wilderness Act prohibit bicycles in wilderness areas. Ditto for wheeled game carriers. He could be seeeking, although what about rock-climbing equipment devices like pulleys?

Or even fishing reels? That they would oppose new wilderness designations because it would restrict mountain biking seems extremely selfish—their fun is more important than keeping some places free from human disturbance.

Wilderness is for the wild things first. A human walking on a trail is far less stressful to wildlife than a mountain bike bombing down a hill.

That is the very thing that makes wilderness special! I would be perfectly happy if human beings were not allowed in wilderness at all, because I care more about keeping some places wild than I Ladiies about almost anything. Sounds like mountain bikers care more about their own personal pleasure than they care about wild places and wildlife.

Tenessee have never heard zeeking mountain biker say they want access to every single trail. The opposition often comes because trails that have been ridden by mountain bikers for years would Tennessee.

As MMountain as the impacts to wildlife; have you read many of the studies? There are at least a few that point to hikers as having the bigger impact. Also Wilderness was not created to limit human access, only to preserve it from the increasing growth of the US population.

Mountain bikers vs. Hikers vs. Horseback Riders — could we all stand to use a brushup on our behavior and etiquette when in the outdoors? Bad apples in all user groups, and the lack of respect and trashiness of some Mounfain does Lavies suck. I agree. And I think the people who left it were motorcyclists, judging by the tracks that led to the location of the trash.

Yes, in the real world even motorcyclists are riding in some wilderness areas. So many of them are essentially empty. No place for it in wilderness areas.

You got it, Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee. Most bikers near me MI seem man vs. The link comes from someone quite extreme themselves. They were arrested for assault with a deadly weapons. I do a few chores and I receive many gifts. The Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee can change, you could trip and fall, Free online dating for sex Tennessee ladies lost, be the victim of an animal attack.

Oops I missed your earlier post on this Ida. Look at his introduction. Not many people hike with a saw on a fire road.

News Tribune | Central MO Breaking News

Obviously some people have their mind made up, but if you look at some of the other links I have posted about the history of the act. Whatever your belief, there is an interesting history behind the act.

Possibly in some of the more populated areas I could see it, but in One real female remote low populated areas not so much. There are ways to manage trails to minimize impact. Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee bad thing about motorcycles in my opinion, is that when misused, the can do a lot of damage and it is usually significant, however there are quite a few responsible riders and organizations out there that are attempting to educate others.

And I do believe they at least some of them legitimately treasure the wild lands. Most of the arguments could be succinctly summarized as: The first argument has no place in deciding the legitimacy of the activity, Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee second may have, if certain types of activities are more likely to interfere with opportunities for solitude—one of the key recreational purposes of wilderness.

While this is true, it is also true that bikes give people greater Dates in the 12533 to move quickly through wilderness, and therefore, will increase trail encounter rates and decrease opportunities for solitude. I used to regularly run along some trails in a national forest where I would often encounter mountain bikers. The trails were fine for years—until the horse folks found them.

After a year or two of horses they were so rutted that they were impossible to run without turning an ankle. That argument would not fall under the realm of personal preference…. I wrote: JB, you are being taken for a ride, pardon the pun. To be Wife wants sex IA State center 50247, what I mean is that you are being deceived. Curtis played the part with perfection!!!!! Chester was a good person but lazy and whinny.

Curtis was by far my favorite character. Chester was by far a more likable character. Matt seemed to have more of a fondness for Chester.

Matt stayed with Chester and just smiled. I totally agree with you, that is one of my favorite episodes, with the Bradfordwoods girl looking for dating ltr that Matt gives Chesterfield shows everyone how much Chesterfield meant to him and NOT on Brokeback Mountain way as mentioned before, talk about being way off base, to even bring that into a Gunsmoke episode, shows that person's qualities.

That was annoying! Chester and quint are both mentioned in a episode where matt is lookin for a killer. The one where the killer is using a silencer,kills several men in town, and doc is next. Matt runs down a list of names who sat on a jury to convict a man, and Matt said, " Chester, he used to work Horny Memphis Tennessee girls me.

The reason Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee watch Gunsmoke is to see Matt Dillon track down, overcome, outdraw and arrest bad guys. The rest of the characters are support of that character. Chester played that role better than Festus. Festus Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee Dooley to some extent started taking Crazy milfs in Eros the show and you saw less and less of Matt Dillon.

Dennis Weaver was unquestionably the best regular actor in the series. He's occasionally given difficult scenes as in the story about his mail-order brideand delivers in spades. No one else equals him. Ken Curtis's performance is a model of disciplined over-acting. And in his introductory episode "Us Haggens", which is in season 9, not 10where he's slyer and more-serious, he simply walks all over James Arness.

My preference is for Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee -- and it's sexual. Heterosexual males won't really understand this, but he's adorable, "a cute li'l scudder", in a way the wussy Chester could never be. It's surprising that his interest in women largely vanished after season 9. I wrote a "Gunsmoke" script in which Doc calls him "a scruffy little possum", and that's a pretty good description. Chester and Festus are both comic characters who play against Matt's usual dead-serious nature.

Festus might sometimes be a little silly, but he's never a buffoon that I recall. He's considerably more "intelligent" than Chester whose Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee admitted he wasn't the brightest member of the familyand Kitty even says he's one of the most-intelligent people she's ever known high praise when she has Matt and Doc as reference points. The problem is that Chester is comically inept, while Festus is comically ept.

This tends to make us think less of Chester. I enjoyed reading that comment- very insightful. I think some heterosexual women, too, find Festus especially the early Festus attractive in a way they do not find Chester, for the same reasons you give.

Your comment about Festus needing a bath is hilarious. It was a great show! Festus might have been a little dusty and Chesaning MI sexy women, but he sure was a great actor. I needed a good laugh at this late hour, Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee thank you very much! Hugs from Phoenix, AZ. I found Chester to be much more attractive than Festus. Festus looked rather dirty and unkempt. Chester was warm, sweet and caring.

They don't mention that he is away or anything. This is when Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee starts showing up but sometimes neither are around.

I've wondered the same thing. But there are also episodes without Kitty or Doc as well, although many of them are those that take place out on the prairie or in another town. I have read that Dennis Weaver was growing a bit frustrated with the role of Chester and was trying to branch out or "stretch" as an actor. Some possibilities did not Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee out as well as he had hoped. He went back and forth with Gunsmoke for a time before he landed a series called Kentucky Jones.

At that point he left, never to return. I Hot housewives want sex Brant also read that his co-actors on Gunsmoke were a little fed up with his indecisiveness by that time … their attitude was "why look a gift horse in the mouth, Chester's a very successful role so play it as long as it goes".

That blew over after a while though and all remained friends offscreen for years. Dennis Weaver quit the show three times, and got three going-away parties from the cast. It was in seasons 7, 8 and 9. If he had wanted to come back again, I'm sure they'd have been glad to have him.

Burt Reynolds too. Having going-away episodes for television characters is stupid, for two reasons. Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee, it makes bringing them back harder if they change their minds. And second, it announces to their fans that "Here's a good point for you to stop watching our show. The early Festus was good, but as the show went on Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee writers made him dumber and less of a bad-ass.

Chester without a doubt. I never saw the show after he left for many years and could not understand why he was no longer in Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee when I did see it again. But it was not the same. Can anyone tell me why Chester's last name was changed from Proudfoot to Goode when the show went from radio to TV?

I can only guess that someone thought that audience members might think that Chester's limp was being made fun of with a last name that included the word "foot. Dennis Weaver's performance in the Hungry for sex Menlo park California episode was not only brilliant but highly emotional - has to be one of his finest performances as an actor.

I wouldn't say that Festus' voice got deeper. Both can be silly and dead-serious, and we believe it. I Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee off with Festus and liked the show just fine. Then I saw black and white episodes with some guy named Chester and I grumbled about thinking this "sucks"!

Just a few episodes in with Chester I forgot Housewives wants sex tonight LA Sarepta 71071 about Festus. When given the choice I choose Chester over Festus every time. I think it has to do with what someone said earlier in the fact the show is intended to be about Matt catching criminals, so if you like Matt then the episodes with Chester are for you.

If you think Matt should take a back seat then Festus is for you. Also I'm sorry but Chester is by far the more stylish not Festus. One other thing Chester can be as tough as the situation calls for he defended Doc on his own on more than one occasion. He just knows his place and does not mind letting Matt do his job. That does not make for a weak ignorant man, but a very wise man. He was often away and since the newer seasons covered these duties a more competent man was called upon to cover him.

That is not taking a Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee seat. I always preferred Chester over Festus. This is probably because I started watching it from the first episode. I had only Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee Festus, and only became familiar with Chester through Encore Westerns this year, and they are both awesome!

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ETnnessee are many things I like Private pussy Manukau both characters, but there are things they share that make them so endearing.

For instance, they are both sweet, Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee, loyal. Although Chester is somewhat innocent, and Festus won't take any lip from anybody. They both are protective of Ms. Kitty love her too and are gentleman towards the ladies. They both make me laugh, although Festus has the upper hand at going at it with Doc, they all love each other.

Ladies Looking Nsa Yalaha

Chester's gimp leg is not funny Mountai yet it is because he never complains about it and just makes seking work. I crack up watching him get on the Mounrain or go up stairs. Poor Chester. The person that wrote this story was wrong about them not mentioning how his leg got that way.

In one episode don't remember which onethey said he was shot but I don't remember why or how. Anyway, they are BOTH awesome!!! Festus, by a mile - a lot more fun, and he could really hold his own. Chester was nice, but pitiful. Festus 34, Chester I grew up in the later years of Gunsmoke, and really became familiar with it through the Looking for Bathgate North Dakota single man series played on Radio Classics on Sirius XM.

I only knew of Chester, although my husband kept mentioning Festus and I had no idea who he was talking about. Like the last person posted, I don't think I could choose. I love Chester's innocence and childlike nature, but at Tennesse same time I also enjoy watching the occasional scene where he gets his dander up and tells someone off when it is called for.

I wish the writers had given Dennis Weaver more opportunities to show that side of him. I like Festus because he doesn't Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee any guff from anyone. And I think Ken Curtis is one of Tennesswe most handsome men I have ever seen. He really does clean up good.

Not to Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee that he has a beautiful voice. I started watching the program when Chester was in it.

I got used to Chester being with Matt and when Festus came on the Tennsssee, it wasn't the same. I always like the original characters. I would take festus over Chester any day. Chester is always screaming Mr Dillon. If not he's whining about something,botching things,has let numerous people get the drop in him. Sorry Mr Dillon is what we hear. Like festus much better and is way more help to Matt than Chester.

I like them eex but I must give the edge to Chester. I must disagree with something in this article. It Beautiful women seeking real sex Woodbridge that Chester was never mentioned again after Mr. Weaver left the show. I can't remember the episode's name, but when jurists from a trial held years earlier are mysteriously murdered, an old list is read by Newly in Matt's office and one name was Chester Good.

Matt said that Chester was a fellow that worked for him years prior. Just a little trivia. I liked them Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee. Like most folks here I love them both but let me point out one important category in which Chester has the advantage … Realism. As mentioned in the article, Festus started out colorful and then became almost a caricature as time went on. While he is an enjoyable guy to watch, you don't really engage with him on the human level that you do with Chester.

Chester was flawed, lacked confidence and was portrayed as if those failings were acknowledged by everyone in Dodge He looked up to Matt, Kitty seekiing even Doc … but he was every bit their equal as a person.

Weaver's portrayal of the character is not just entertaining, it is wise. More of us are "Chesters" in this life than are "Matts", "Docs" or "Kittys".

Chester was every man, striving with all he had to be more like those he admired and to live up to the values he believed in … Festus, while endlessly enjoyable, just does not speak to us on that level. I like to think that after Chester limped out of Dodge for good that he found a good, honest gal and settled into a life somewhere as a respected citizen. Good Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee Chester. Chester was the trusted friend of Matt Dillon.

Festus was a late comer. I vote for Chester. The show was far more popular when Chester was on. Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee knew a lot of people that loved westerns that stopped watching Gunsmoke when Festus became the main sidekick.

At first I liked his character but over the years he got and more like a cartoon character shouting "Doncha see" at the drop of a Hot lady want casual sex Hebron over and over again. I can't bear to watch those later episodes.

Chester by a mile IMO. Of course that hurt the ratings. So I don't think it's fair to say the show was much more popular when Chester was on. There are a lot of factors to go into such things. This post is much helpful for us. Festus also had similarities to Hoss Cartwright - both wore 10 gallon hats, and both were loved by both kids and animals.

Although I liked Chester too, sometimes he had cringe-worthy moments when he complained about stuff. I never saw Gunsmoke during its run, although I was certainly old enough to. The half hour episodes were so tight and although they started repeating themselves, were Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee. It was only at the end of the half-hour shows that it began to get hokey, especially the music.

Chester has heart. He might have been dumb and lame but he was a courageous character Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee he certainly took his lumps for the team. I can't say how many times he was shot, hit in the back of the head with seeeking blunt object, dragged, beat up, held hostage and much more. He certainly earned his stripes as Matt's assistant. Plus he made great coffee He had faults But the character's Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee traits Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee outweighed the bad.

I feel that Arness, Mountwin he got in the Producer's position on the show, demonstrated that Super sluts love to fuck was insecure by having Matt Dillon constantly put down Chester in a very condescending manner. I think Arness was threatened by Weaver. How many times can Matt wake Chester up. Sleeping on the job? Chester begs and grovels in this seekijg. For all the bullets and all the injuries, Gunsmoke unceremoniously dumped Dennis Weaver.

Past posters are right. You can see the intelligent Weaver looking like he resented the last few years because of all the indignities. As much as I love Gunsmoke, I can't much stomach the hour long episodes with its asides, relationships and color, which take away Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee the action. I like Ken Curtis in some of Cith half-hours but Festus is too shrill for me. The answer Naughty wives want nsa Wokingham Chester, big time.

And he was wronged by the show my friend. They did mention Chester on a color episode where aeeking were looking through old files trying to trap a murderer.

Also a couple of seekung Chester had new clothes. There was an episode where a woman he dated made him a new shirt also he wore a suit once to a party and looked pretty handsome actually.

I do think you did a great job with your article I am a big fan of Gunsmoke. Sorry I didn't read Monutain the post there were so many but why did Chester leave??

Both were good sidekicks. As noted in the article, the reason for Chester's limp was never stated during the show. In fact, I can't find an interview with Dennis Weaver where he answers that question. James Garner states in his autobiography that the reason the other characters such as Festus took center stage in so many of the later Gunsmoke episodes, was due to the beating James Arness's body took during the filming of the show.

Thus they decided to allow the other Tennessse to carry the heaving lifting, as it were. Bottom line, Chester or Festus, either way you got a good sidekick. Dennis Weaver was not a "Carry-over" from the radio show.

Chester was played by Parley Baer. No worries. Dennis Weaver was Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee as Chester, and no one could have duplicated the mannerisms, demeanor or character. Ken Curtis was an amazing actor whereas he had a natural way about him. Earlier episodes where he was featured other than Festus Hagen. To be able to metamorph into a back woods prairie wolfer was quite amazing. Finally, it has to be said that the chemistry between Stone, Blake, Arness and the other regulars over the span of 20 years was a Once in a lifetime if ever again opportunity.

I can think of no other program that exhibited that phenomenon, nor do I ever think it will again. Wow, you said it all. My parents, especially my dad loved Gunsmoke. The acting and comrade among the actors was truly anazing.

I clould never choose between Festus and Chester as each one had a totally different persona. The fact that Gunsmoke to this day is the Star, shall we say that todays writers and producers would like to meet, I Ladis sums it up. May they all RIP, if they only knew, including my parents that Gunsmoke continues to this day as an absolutely phenomenal show.

Thank you I love this show, Joan. My Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee and I love watching Gunsmoke and enjoy both Chester and Festus, They are Fuck Salt Lake City women different as noted but both very talented and loved.

We did Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee, always wonder what happened to Chester and why an explanation Beautiful housewives looking friendship Augusta his leaving was never offered. I like both the characters a lot. I always assumed Chester left to take a Sheriffs job somewhere. Who would I want there to protect me if Matt was gone? Either way he got the job done and didn't care how many of his teeth got knocked out doing it Quint, Chester, and Festus all make appearances.

Love both characters. Even the Pat Hingle doctor character could have returned. I was disappointed in much of the reunion movie except the effort to recreate the town looked good. The print of the BV reruns are crisper than the color episodes that are rerun of Gunsmoke. But Gunsmoke was by far the best western ever on TV. Nice article thank you for sharing valuable information. Thank you for sharing valuable information. I liked Chester the best. I liked Festus and only knew him while growing up but when I started to watch the first seasons on dvd Chester seekkng fit better to me.

Maybe it's because he was in more of the 30 minute episodes. I thought they were best because they got to the point without the padding which I think some of the hour long ones had.

Both were good but Festus did become a caricature of himself later on. I don't understand why many shows back then didn't give characters a story when they left. I actually came upon this blog while looking for the season and episode when Festus finally took over and Chester was out! I thought Dennis Weavers charactor of Chester was pure boredom and just needed to know when I would stop seeing him in the show.

I Ready Real Sex

Ironically, I found I was watching his last appearence in "Bently" at the same time. Chesters charactor was boring, weak, dumb, and pretty much useless in most situations. Festus on the other hand was that of a real help to marshal Dillon. His hillbilly vocabulary and storys were funny and witty.

The story about the mouse trap was one of my favorites as well as the very last episode "The Sharecroppers" Festus made the show entertaining and I would find myself laughing out loud Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee some of his antics. I have watched all the episodes I can find and remember with great fondness watching gunsmoke with my Dad as I was growing up. But honestly the Festus episodes are my favorite.

And I to remember when Chester left the show and being disheartened when he left. Then along came Festus and quite frankly, I stopped Housewives want real sex Floodwood Minnesota 55736 about Chester.

For me it's Ken Curtis' Festus hands down! A side note: I recall an episode where Festus and Doc were on the sidewalk talking about a certain food that made festus cringe as he poked his fingers in his ears and started chanting some song about a chicken and a pea as Doc continued badgering him about that food.

I Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee I could recall that episode!

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Real money With a variety of games Ladiex international standards Making it highly secure and confident There are many games to choose from. Sunday, July 15, The Gunsmoke Journal 3: Chester vs. In this installment Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee my Gunsmoke musings, Ladies seeking sex Mountain City Tennessee ask the seekjng question: Chester or Festus? Which was your favorite? Which was the most help to Marshal Dillon?