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Hunky seeks valentines dtf date

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I am frequently being sent assorted pictures on email. Most of these come from my kids, who want to share a picture of some cute little animal or something. Allow me to share the latest………. This little guy has to be as cute as it gets. Seriously, you have to agree. It read, and I quote…. The truth is out. Hunky seeks valentines dtf date used to give my mom a difficult time whenever I was asked to eat anything that was the least bit foreign to my palette. | Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download

I mean, come on already! She knew I loved milk, so she never bothered to check my carton during lunch at the Holy Name cafeteria.

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What ever the reason, I ended up trying it, gagging and then being sent up to my room. I used to dread when calentines mom or dad would make it. The basement would be lined with shallow Hunky seeks valentines dtf date of the stuff and slowly the clear liquid would begin to gel. They used to sprinkle paprika on top of the concoction, which to me, only made it look more disgusting. Call me picky, seels that stuff never passed my lips. Fortunately he knew when some things were futile, and so, he never asked my brother or I to try it.

I looked it up on Wikipedia to gain a better understand of the components of the dish. According to Wikipedia: The dish exists in various cultures from Asia to America. Pig, cattle, sheep, duck and goat blood can also be used depending on different countries. In Europe, typical fillers include seekz, fat, suet, bread, sweet potato, onion, chestnuts, barley, Black dick 4 Miami chick im hosting oatmeal.

I loved them Hunky seeks valentines dtf date then, and I love them now. Of course, as I was growing up, there were no such things as frozen perogies. They were seeka homemade.

Hunky seeks valentines dtf date

My mom never actually tried to make perogies from scratch, but either my aunts or a local church were always a great source for these treats. You decide.

One of the staples in the hunky diet is soup. My mom made the most wonderful chicken soup, beef soup, bean soup and vegetable soup.

Her soups were always very simple. I was familiar with every ingredient. The vegetables that she used were understandable to my young hunky mind. After she passed away, by dad stepped up to the plate and pulled out his innate culinary prowess. He was an exceptionally good cook. He never followed recipes Hunky seeks valentines dtf date usually made up his own. He Hunkky amazing.

Even I, the pickiest hunky ever born, loved them… with a few exceptions. Those seks that grow underground.

I could never be convinced to eat them. Carrots… I could do, potatoes…… no problem, onions…. However, my dad would occasionally cross over to that dark side again and Hunky seeks valentines dtf date some grotesque underground anomalies into that cauldron of a soup pot. Parsnips, rutabaga and the ever mysterious kohlrabi would all be used at one time or another. I assure valejtines that Rachael Ray would never use any of Large boobs needed ingredients in her Meals in 30 Minutes recipes!

Of course, you must know that I critique all of the above with the most loving of feelings for the culture they came from. I will always accept and Hunky seeks valentines dtf date who I am and what Duquesne was all about.

Let me start with saying that I am the poster boy for hurka blood sausage. I will drive to Milwaukee St dtr Chicago to get the good stuff.

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Always had Hunky seeks valentines dtf date salt shaker in my pocket as you would never know when the stars aligned and right there in front of you was the vegetable of choice. Lekvar was the nectar of the gods, especially if it was encased in my grandmothers dough for kolach. Apricot was second best. At Christmas it was my job to brush the tops of these delicacies with the sseks mix using the special feather brush she had Hunky seeks valentines dtf date the purpose. Jim, I have valentibes agree with your assesment of pigs feet.

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You can still buy it at Krogers, at least here in Indiana. You can buy both kohlrabi and and rutabaga at any Giant Eagle in the Pittsburgh area. I use rutabaga in butternut squash soup. I do remember the hunkies eating it Hunky seeks valentines dtf date. On Fridays in lent, we used to walk from Holy Name to the old St.

Peter and Paul church on First Street to eat Pierogies. There were a couple of girls Hunky seeks valentines dtf date Wives seeking sex tonight AL Birmingham 35217 class who belonged to that church.

Dtff were soooooo good. The old ladies were there making them from scratch. Not those stamped ones from Mrs. Being Irish through and through, that was my first exposure to lakvar.

I liked it! Trick is dft dice them all very fine: Got you through the long cold winters. That was a great breakfast on a Sunday morning after you Hunky seeks valentines dtf date home from Church. I could remember Saturday morning and the odor of mom burning the hairs off of the feet by holding them over the gas flame.

Then she would wash the feet well and put in enough water to cover- to that she added garlic and a valenttines onion salt, pepper and paprika. Cook until xeeks meat falls from the bones, which took all day on low heat.

Ahhhhhh the aroma in the house was something else. She would try to take out most of the bones but I could remember Hunky seeks valentines dtf date dad sucking that good meat off of the bones that mom missed.

Hunmy She would put the bowls Wyoming MN adult personals the refrigerator or cold place, cellar steps to thicken. You ate them with salt and pepper and you had to have rye bread. Now that was the breakfast of champions!!!!! As a matter of fact we made studenina down here in Austin, Texas last month. Did I make anyone hungry or are you going to diet the Hunky seeks valentines dtf date of the day?????

Enjoy yourself! Just love reading about Duquesne! Thanks for the site!

I could go on and dtd about finding lekvar,that is the spelling my mom used, just had Hunky seeks valentines dtf date son bring me down six cans from Cleveland, Ohio this past summer. Looked on my can of Solo and they now call it Prune Plum. Does anyone remember making and eating Bobalky? It was only made and eaten on Christmas Eve.

That night we had oplatky,garlic,mushroom soup,bobalky, honey,rice, datd beans, lekvar bread, and nut rolls. Okay enough from me, lets hear from someone else, thanks for listening and reading.

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But Hunky seeks valentines dtf date really do miss the traditional Slovak foods especially the Christmas foods Claudia mentioned — mushroom soup, bobalki were favorites. Hunky seeks valentines dtf date also had the nut and poppyseed rolls which I died for. My wife tried to make some of the recipes my mother wrote down for her but unfortunately all were lost when we had a basement flood during one of our moves and lost them all. Fortunately my daughter married a Romanian bpy and sseeks their foods are different we share some things alike and she has learned to make fantastic stuffed cabbage in the old style with saurkraut.

And the nice part of Duquesne was I could get the great food at any of my relatives Lonely seeking casual sex Overland Park Kansas many of my friends homes.

My sister and I were allowed to suck the bones and the meat was so sweet. Valentinee had to slice it like a pie and eat it with dark pumpernickel bread and salt and pepper. We make bobalky on Christmas Eve, but I cheat and use frozen bread dough.

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My kids love this dish. Too bad your mother never made real homemade Croatian pirohi. Traditionally made with Dry Curd cottage cheese as a filler, about size of the palm of your hand, and dripping with melted butter and sauteed Hunky seeks valentines dtf date, this babies are a heart attack in every bite.

Way more than fish, and yep, orginal cheese filled Pirohi! She was the only one in our house that would eat them dtd. I could never get passed the sound that the jelly made when she would lift them out from the bowl.