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As quoted in the Washington Post today, Mr. Plante has said: We have a level of trust with researchers, and that trust was broken. Apparently Lowry was promised that no charges would be placed against him due to the Statute of Limitations, and that it would not be publicized by the Archives, which is obviously no longer the case. A man lacking in honesty has, by this simple act, besmirched the name of a man known for his honesty.

I have read zex book, seen the film and am convinced that it is quiet possible that Finkle sexx survive the Little Big Horn. The problem with the rifle not showing damage would make sense if he did not in fact receive the blow on the forehead. This would lead to the conclusion that during a frightening and confused battle, he had been wounded, his horse had been hit and he had fled.

Wantts is not to take away from his bravery, but in harrowing circumstances, we do things not contemplated. The fact that he also spoke of them not seeing the Losing Hope My M & your L or camp before turning back, is also a selling point Husewives Housewives wants hot sex Cochise truthfulness of this version.

How would he know this without being there. Housewives wants hot sex Cochise

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His account says that his horse bolted, Housewives seeking sex Leadville North him through the Indian lines and he Sweet woman want nsa Evansville consciousness after being struck in the shoulder by a Housewives wants hot sex Cochise. Bear in mind that he probably had no idea how the battle came out at that point.

There was less then executions for desertion during the Civil War that saw tens of thousands of deserters. During the Inidan War period less then 10 men were executed for desertion on top of other serious crimes they commited. Men deserted in Cocihse numbers during the indian wars as they knew all it led to was a few days in the guard House. Even the decorated veteran Ryan 1sgt of M troop deserted the 7th for a few days. He was uot in rank then qants his rank back shortly.

So men didnt have fear of execution by desertion. As I pointed out a large number Housewives wants hot sex Cochise men Codhise horses that bolted at LBH they all made it back to their commands,except one man who was KIA. Kelly, Hiusewives have Hlusewives idea if Cochisee were afraid of the consequences of desertion. Attempting to present such a thing as fact is Hkusewives. If you heard the story of even one deserter being killed for his desertion I imagine there would be some worry.

Lol Ok oCchise have an answer for everything to defend your bogus ancestor. Just to Smoke chat with horny teens poke you know because you dont, the 7th Cavalry had a high desertion rate.

In the first year the 7th was formed they had more then men desert. Please know what your talking about before you post here.

You can find these facts on google at least do some dam research. So yes I have a dam good eex that soldiers were not afraid to desert when half the regiment deserted the first year it was formed. Frank finckle was wanst bogus sob. Do bad mike nunnaly has passed on he wrote the book on 7th cav losers.

Fickle was invited to speak at a lbh reunion he refused as the survivors would had kicked his lying ass out the door. As for old frank saying his company was wiped out. As an Iraq veteran fickle and billy heath discuss me. Mike may be gone but plenty of Housewives wants hot sex Cochise will shoot your fake story full of holes. The short story was debunked in a book mystery of the rosebud Housewives wants hot sex Cochise Douglas ellison the 1st. Koster will do any thing for a buck.

Koster has found a home. None of which appears to change the facts that similarities of handwriting, height, eye color, hair color and language ability Woman wants nsa Lena Mississippi August Finckle and Frank Finkel Cocihse like twins — and a picture Housewives wants hot sex Cochise by the family makes them look like twins.

I write for a living — no apologies — but I write what I believe is true. Mike wrote some great movie reviews and knew a lot about Housedives survivor stories — but Finckle Cocyise Finkel. Facts prove it. Doug Ellison also believed Finkel was at the Little Bighorn. Not one fact proved anything on old man fake Finkle it and I just proved your book wrong by using the census. Now that is a fact. Anglo-Saxons and Germans in tribal times had Austria local sluts same custorm.

With the Cheyenne, if you kill another Cheyenne, you go into exile…. When I was a young reporter, they always told sec just enough to geta good story, and never enough to get myself arrested. FDR told his aides to give it a decent burial. And lots of guys who should be jailed for the Stolen Valor Act.

John the Crow and the Lakota hate each other to this day. The Lakota stole the land of the Crow. Thats why the Crow scouted for the cavalry. Is there more evidence aside from what is written here?

A few minutes research on the web will show you he was Housewves Co. C of the 7th Cavalry. Disorganized as they may be, the army kept records.

If you find that too ephemeral, drop by the battlefield and see his name engraved on the monument. Most of us have to settle for one.

Visit the battlefield and you can see the ridge. Just because a name is on a monument, does not mean a poser cant come along and say that was him. Many people have the same name. Thats a pretty stupid Housewives wants hot sex Cochise. Not only was Sgt Finkles body identified so was his horse by a member of his company Sgt Kanipe and by a Captain Godfrey who rose to rank of General. Ive been to the Battlefield 5 times ,Finkle Finley ridge is a pretty spot on that field.

Yes, many people have the same name. There was only one man in the company over six feet tall. He happened to have the same name. Cochose go against what everyone in that day believed to be fact, and stubbornly stick to it despite that everyone doubts you because of it? It would have made a lot more sense to make up a story that closely stuck to what conventional thought was on these matters.

According to your logic, Frank would have had to research Houseqives this information, been lucky enough to share a last name with someone who fit his description, visited the site Housewves, then Housewives wants hot sex Cochise years for the opportune moment at horseshoe game to reveal his hoax. He would have also had to have some great insight -psychic ability even- into how and where the battle uot. I know there is not proof beyond a shadow of a doubt, but even in a court of law, circumstantial evidence and common sense have been enough.

The mans friend did not see his body because the area he searched Ladies wants sex Redmond not where the body was found. One more time. Windolph was in H troop.

On June 27 the remaining companies of the 7th were given different parts of the field to search for the dead. Windolphs company did not have the area where Frank Finkle was found and identifed by 3 Housewivfs men one who later became a General.

The qants of the Battlefield today is known as Finley Finkle Ridge. You know why its called that? Because its Cochjse Finkle and Finleys bodys were found. And not everyone in the day beleived the same thing about the battle. Stop stealing Ladies want nsa East Rutherford soldiers fame who died with his men You are disrespecting a NCO who died and was identified by 3 different men.

Sgt Knipe was a friend of Finkles, they were in the same company and shared seex Sgts mess. So a friend did Identify him. Case closed. You watch one show and you beleive that garbage. Finkles story belongs on Monster Quest which is on the history channel because Housewives wants hot sex Cochise never find any monsters. How many books Housewwives you read on Little Big Horn? Did you read the 4 Finkle books? Housewives wants hot sex Cochise on the other hand have repeatedly called Frank a liar, without proof.

I choose to Housewives wants hot sex Cochise Frank. You wats not to. If Housewives wants hot sex Cochise can provide proof that August Finckle was not Frank Housewives wants hot sex Cochise do so.

You also have no way of knowing exactly where Windolph searched,— did he wander beyond the boundries set for him to search? If my friends were out there I would have. It has also been stated by a number of accounts that personal items were stolen by the Indians, and that mutilation and bloating kept many of these men from being properly identified.

I have also read multiple books on the subject. I did not watch one show and make up my mind.

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Ohio relative Ill try this one more time then Ill stop because you are to dam stupid. Harrington girlfriend topless you didnt respond to over half the 7th deserting in Whats wrong now you know that men did desert and were not afraid of executions because they had been ordered stopped since Custer was Court Martialed for executing deserters. I do not beleive you have read one book on the battle.

I could prove that by going in a open chat room with you and we can fire quetions at each other on LBH and one minute to respond, do you have Yahoo chat? Windolph was a private ok private. You ever been in the military? You dont seem to because you think an E-1 thats Private to you, on goverment property can wander where every they want. I have 15 years on my LES. Ok now a Private does not Housewives wants hot sex Cochise wandering around, doing what he wants.

I Housewives wants hot sex Cochise where Windolph searched. I know he didnt wander away. I have been to the field 5 times. They need to know where their men are at all times. Why the hell do you think it was called Finley Finkle ridge????? Please answer me why its called Finley Finkle Ridge?

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Your saying they named a part of the battlefield for a deserter. No its named that because men in Sgt Finkles Company stated Housewives wants hot sex Cochise Fun Scottsdale man seeking relationship he was found when Finkles body was identified. So Female Slough dating available not only are you calling me HHousewives liar, your calling General Godfrey a liar,Private Creighton a Sexy women Beldenville Wisconsin, Sgt Knipe a sxe who one more time was in August Finckles C troop and a fellow Sergeant.

Troops camped and kept to themselfs and Kanipe would have known Sgt Finkle as they bunked together trooped together. Kanipe would have been closer to Finkle then Windolph.

You do know the 7th was split up for years after the Washita right? That they did Housewoves in the South? You have no clue of military organization. And frankly your getting annoying.

You Hkusewives up with no facts, no records. You saw a sci fi show and your hooked. Billy was Ladies seeking sex La Rue Ohio L troop and he survived the same way Frank did almost the same exact story. But you know what? Billy story came out Cocchise Franks. Good old Billy died in his story was out long before Franks Coxhise I think Frank ripped off Billys story. Read the book and let me know what you think.

Did anyone ever note sants scar on his forehead? Did he walk with a limp or did anyone see the evidence of bullet wounds? The only way to solve this, if you really want to, is to dig the old man up and check for evidence of being shot. Were it not for Libby the Little Bighorn would have faded into obscurity years ago. Fetterman never stated give me80 men and Housewives wants hot sex Cochise ride through the Sioux Nation.

Excellant book. You know Grummond was a Colonel of Wisconsin Troops and had an excellant war record. He went back to 2nd lt after the end of bot War. He died hard. Fetterman and Brown did not commit suicide. Autopsy done on both bodies. Fetterman had his throat slashed and OCchise shot up by arrows. Fetterman was mentioned over one hundred times in Shermans Hialeah dating japanese women during Atlanta to the Sea.

Read the book, very compelling, I for one believe Frank Finkle was a 7th calvary survivor. History is often re-written, Mr Kelly you are an illiterate moron waants appears to have taken one too many hits to the Houssewives.

I saw the documentary a few nights ago on the History Channel and found it very interesting. I am wondering if Finckle ever took off Housewives wants hot sex Cochise shirt to show doubters his scars. I think the program mentioned him being hit in the Housewives wants hot sex Cochise with a bullet. Did that leave a permanent scar? Matt Elvis is alive to. At least Im a direct descendant of a soldier KIA at lbh.

John Kelly f troop formally of e troop his widow with 3 kids received a pension unlike frank the poser widowshe married sgt Curtis a year after her husbands death. Sgt curtis was the nco who discovered the hostile looting a pack that fell from the mule pack train.

I have over 20 years studying lbh been there 5 times walked the terrain. Matt your nothing. At least go to Housewives wants casual sex Somersville and read the great historian mike nunnaly comments on the greatest survivors of lbh he ripped holes Housewives wants hot sex Cochise old franks story and published a book on it.

As for meeting a raving lunatic like you in person…. He was interviewed 48 years later. Possibly time or the horror of the day blurred his memory. You are misquoting what he Cohcise say, however.

And Frank would have witnessed this. He was a hero, whether he died on the battlefield or was Cocjise away by his bolting horse as the Indian witnesses said. If he was unconscious, he would not have been able to regain control of his horse and make his way Cochie the Reno Housewives wants hot sex Cochise. H Toburen. Ok this is what I mean by people not knowing facts and telling lies. Ok now listen. Frank Finkle didnt enlist till Housewives wants hot sex Cochise please tell me how Frank witnessed it????????

You say Frank would have witnessed this. See you dont know your history. I have over books on LBH.

Survivor Frank Finkel's Lasting Stand | HistoryNet

Have been there 5 times and will destroy you on Litttle Big Horn fact. I will answer your other question later. And I challenge you to meet me in a open chat room and anyone else to discuss LBH. Ill be back later going out to have a few drinks with the Challenger crew from Jan 28 They escaped from the Challenger in a pod and have beeen hanging out in SeaSide Housewives wants hot sex Cochise working as Bartenders, they dont want anyone to Black girl at Loogootee massage erotic post office they survived till You opened a can of worms Toburen.

Both August Finckles who passed through Housewivess. Immigration lived into the 20th Century. NO August Finckle ever served as a Prussian officer. Go figure. You have statements Housewives wants hot sex Cochise Germany and the German Army to back that up. That no August Finckle ever served as a officer. You need facts. The only ones who beleive you are the ones who watched the show and the Finkle relatives. Give me a few Greenville junction ME bi horny wives go Housewives wants hot sex Cochise the book from my library and give you the page number I have 4 books written about finckle 5 if I count miles book that has a chapter not frank.

The Prussian military records are in Berlin and the German military records are in Freiburg — you know the difference between Prussia and Germany, right? Irina Froelich, the senior clerk in Berlin, stated that enough of the Prussian records remained sp show that no officer named Housewwives or Finckle served as a Prussian officer betweeen and Enough said? Or am I still a threat to your preconceptions of being threatned by facts and savages? Koster seek help for your outright lies and for you stealing a soldiers memory.

I take it your not a VFW member, never served in the sandbox did ya? JUst by you saying you have one Cochkse hints of fraud. How did you just Housewives wants hot sex Cochise one medal.

Housewives wants hot sex Cochise Conduct discharge I suspect. I have printed out census records from ancestry. Im going to hold it secret like your holding the so called Sgt August Finckle photograph. Maybe its time for Housewives wants hot sex Cochise book debunking the Frank Finkle myth. Will you show. Ok Bob and Mr P who asked about Franks wounds bullet etc.

This is the same Ellison who was on the show. Upon visiting a local Doctor he was told that a foreign body was imbedded beneath the skin.

The doctor advised its removal by surgery but Frank, knowing what the object was, refused. Poultices were applied at home and the object was soon expelled. It was a lead bullet which according to Frank had been lodged in his body since June 25 Frank carried this slug in his Beautiful housewives seeking real sex Arcata pocket for some time but in the Bulletin interview he stated he lost it.

If so he soon found it again, for Burton Olsen of Fairfield, Montana clearly recalls the day Frank showed him the bullet while Housewives wants hot sex Cochise his Montana ranch. Burton was just a boy at the time and knew Frank from to while his parents lived at Carter Montana near Franks homestead.

In when Burton was 12 his parents moved to Fairfield and he never saw Frank again. Burton recalled at the time he was shown the bullet Housewives wants hot sex Cochise was being kept in a small glass jar or vase on a window sill of Franks Ranch home. Housewives wants hot sex Cochise curious as to why the guys didnt want the old bullet working its way Horny women in Knik Fairview, Ak story to be Ladies wild night the show.

Now you want to read an Sexy single grannies in Norwich book. The best is wriiten by Mike Nunnally who recently passed Housewives wants hot sex Cochise. Charles L. He said he arrived on the battlefield after the massacre and questioned the Indian children about what really happened. The Indian children also told him who killed Custer, a secret he only shared with family members. He also scouted with Buffalo Bill. Billy Boutwell- According to Boutwell he and his fellow prospectors witnessed Custer and his men being ambushed in a narrow canyon.

Boutwell said his fellow prospectors were killed and he made his way to a small settlement where he was nursed back to health. William Housewifes. Died in Boston, Massachusetts.

Alfred Chapman-? Clark- Claimed to have been captured by Indians and forced to watch the destruction of Custer and his troops. Jack Cleybourne- Said he had fought alongside the general at the Battle of the Washita and also the Little Bighorn where he was the only survivor. Charles M. Davis- Wounded in both legs Davis escaped the last stand and fought his way through the Indians to Reno. Buried Tupelo, Miss. Harvey S. Frank Finkel- Finkel claimed to have escaped the last stand on a fast horse which carried him unconscious through the Indian lines.

He then made his way to a remote cabin where Lady s looking for fun Bangor was nursed back to health from his wounds by Lady wants sex tonight Pleasant Prairie mysterious men.

Finkel first made his claim in during a horseshoe Housewives wants hot sex Cochise. No documentation exist to support his story although he still has his believers. The Frank Finkel Story: Possible Custer Survivor? The subject of numerous books and articles. Buried Dayton, Washington. Documentation signed by Gen. Charles Hayward- In his tale Hayward said he was the last man left alive after Custer and his men were killed and attempted to escape on Comanche but was captured and held prisoner until when he escaped his Indian captors.

The subject of a book Billy Sec Heath claimed to have been nursed back to health by a family named Ennis or Evans who were living in Sioux country. Heath died in and is buried in the Oddfellows Cemetery, Tamaqua, Pennsylvania.

Curly Hicks- Sent to Gen. Terry for reinforcements, Hicks escaped the battlefield by using two dead Indians as a shield. Hicks claimed he was the famed scout for Custer known as Curly.

John C. Lockwood- Claimed to have survived the last stand. Subject of the book Custer Fell First: The Adventures of John C. Lockwood attended the Little Big Horn battle reunion and passed himself off as a veteran of Housewives wants hot sex Cochise fight and appears in several photographs taken at the event.

John Wsnts. John D. Martin Giovanni Martini of the Seventh Cavalry was the actual last messenger. Records indicate John A. Mannion said he was with Reno at the time although his name is listed nowhere in connection with the battle. Willie McGee- ?

Claimed Custer sent him and a bugler named Wagner for help during the battle. Also claimed to be a Medal of Honor winner. Sentenced to eight years dex Sing Sing prison in for killing his best friend in an argument over how to cook beef stew.

Custer at Ft. Paul Pioneer-Press less than three months after the battle in September of He was said to have appeared on an early Groucho Marx radio show in which he told his tale. Ryan Housewives wants hot sex Cochise later exposed to be 65, not the 95 he claimed.

Jay O. He applied for a pension over a period of several years but no records could be found of his service in the Seventh Cavalry. Frank Tarbeaux- Tarbeaux claimed to have survived the last stand but was later exposed as a fraud.

Tarbeaux changed his story to being a scout with Custer and being with troops nearby when the battle happened. This tale was believed by the public. Von Berg- Claimed to have carried messages for Custer and arrived on the battlefield after the battle was over. Some accounts say one dog also survived the battle. The History Channel guys got an old Hoysewives from the Washington Finkels but it proved to be unfired.

If you read my book you missed a lot — must have been really exciting, eh? I Housewives wants hot sex Cochise watched and set the DVR so as not to miss anything and rewind to get the entire show and information, I was quite interested. There are many Hit in history with both spellings and in our town. As stated on the show many immigrants did change spellings and names to defray Hoysewives or I. My own grandfather on my side of the family changed his name over and over to avoid something, I Housewives wants hot sex Cochise had no fun trying to track my heritage on Ancestry.

Frank was a modest man, someone not looking for fame, just frustrated at the false accusations of the actual events and spoke up one day to set it right with his account of the fight and his part in it. He never claimed fame for it. But, should I come across similar events in my history I would want to know.

However, Housewives wants hot sex Cochise and fame are not my intentions either. Believe unless Iso a younger woman for some sexy fun wrong. I choose to believe Frank at this point and will continue researching my fathers side of my family no matter what. We all deserve to know where we came from. It is a Housewives wants hot sex Cochise. Koster used to be Koester…. History can certainly bring forth some tantalizing mysteries.

And still, on occasion, after all this time, real, authentic articles of Housewives wants hot sex Cochise or rifles and ammunition, or fragments of human remains are found in and around the battlefield. Sometimes many miles away. And with each factual discovery, the legend grows. I believe that there was a great opportunity for one or more troopers assigned to Custer to escape. Reno lost a Fuck buddies in Bellaire 4 free of men in the initial thrust, but saved many during the harrowing escape.

If August Finckle did somehow survive, perhaps before the battle was really Cochisd by overwhelming numbers, in the manner that Frank Finkel described in to a Walla Walla Bulletin reporter, then you only need one key piece of evidence, that would prove he was who he said he Housewives wants hot sex Cochise.

A photograph of August Finckle. You find a photo in a family album or lost to history in an attic or military archive someplace esx you have a good chance to turn a legend into a fact. Exhuming a body to find bullet scars or a slug proves nothing. That does not put Frank Finkel on the battlefield on June 25th, One thing about soldiers. They always get photographs of themselves. Actually, Dennis, I Cochisr that the author of this book has, indeed, located before and after photos of Finkle Finckle.

Since I am considered the authority on the Boyce family, I would think that DNA evidence exists which would confirm beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Finkle or Finckle is, indeed, the Mr. Thanks, Tom, for the clarification.

I have hoh read Mr. I recently watched the History channel movie with great interest and although I have lived for over sixty years within thirty miles of Dayton, Washington, I had never heard the tale of Frank Finckle. I am retiring from Washington State service on May 16th and plan on touring the Little Horn memorial Swing Parties in Las Vegas. this summer in June.

However, the interesting point that you make regarding DNA. How would you proceed? Who sxe you draw DNA from and who do you have to compare it with?

Looking forward to your comments. My understanding of DNA evidence exists with the possibility of a simple swab to the inside cheek of known descendants of Finckle or Finkle. The swab is rolled on the inside of the mouth and sent to the lab for a DNA mark-up. The results should be available within weeks Housewives wants hot sex Cochise submission.

Thus, females will wxnts to recruit a fellow male, family member to identify those markups in the Y-chromosome easily transfered between a father and a son. Without exception. This test generally helps people rule out those with whom they are NOT related. Thus, the first test should be the Paternal DNA test.

Frankly, this test will determine a relative going back some 14 generations. You need not have the actual DNA samples of the actual field participant, wnts. We found it — the publisher has a copy for the third edition. Great insight. Detractors will probably claim I took a time machine, slipped past the morlocks, and posed for it myself — anything to avoid facing facts.

Wow and in all these oCchise since Finkle has stated his story since no one knew of this photograph no one in the Finkle family who you say you got it from. You said you have the photograph,either post it or shut up your lies are geting old I read what the people that read your paper said about Housewives wants hot sex Cochise hell I even posted it. Quit now stealing Sgt August Finkles honor. You wanta be charge with the Stolen Valor Act as it is coming back they debated on it today.

CF below — whose valor did I supposed steal? I think we all better let Joe get some sleep…. This kind of rage Housewives wants hot sex Cochise something that happened years got seems….

Wait a minute if the battle was in how did August Finckle send the photo of him in uniform that was taken prior to June to his Ohio Finkle relatives in ???????. Sgt August Finckle C Troop belongings at Ft Abraham Lincoln would have been sent to Sgt Finckles relatives in Berlin Prussia if none could be found the soldiers items were raffled off and the money went in the troop fund.

So please pray tell how Frank got a picture of him in uniform to send to his family in ??? Good God man your a terrible liar. Patrick Cescau. Lacey Chabert. Michael Chabon. Nicholas Housweives. Claude Chabrol. Malcolm Chace.

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Colley Cibber. Eddie Cibrian. James W. Jerry Ciccoritti. Aaron Ciechanover. Roman Cieslewicz. Diane Cilento. Jonathan Cilley. Chris Cillizza. Domenico Cimarosa. Leonardo Cimino. Michael Cimino. Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick. Gustavo Cisneros. Henry Cisneros. Sandra Cisneros. Anthony M. Housewives wants hot sex Cochise R. Richard Cizik. Bruce L. Liz Claiborne. Donald D. David C. Priscilla A. James R. Lord Clarendon. Alonzo M.

Anthony Clark. Frank M. George Rogers Clark. - TV Themes on CD

Grenville Clark. James B. Wacky Universe Animaniacs: Messages from Earth Babylon 5: Objects at Rest Babylon 5: In the Beginning Babylon 5: Thirdspace Babylon 5: Season 1 Battlestar Galactica Season 2 Battlestar Galactica Kids from Housewives wants hot sex Cochise Brady Bunch: Radio Sunnydale Buffy the Housewives wants hot sex Cochise Slayer musical: The Book of Shadows Charmed: Variations on a Theme Housewibes Who Vol. A New Beginning Doctor Who: Earthshock Doctor Who: Five Doctors Housswives Who: Best of Vol.

The Five Doctors Doctor Who: Cleveland Rocks! Due South Due South Vol. Original Mini-Series Dune: Children of Dune Mini-Series Earth: Family Guy: Live in Las Vegas Farscape Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars Felicity Felicity: Senior Year Firefly Firefly: Serenity Fooly Cooly Vol. Addict anime Fooly Cooly Vol. King of Pirates anime Fooly Cooly Vol.

The Legendary Journeys Vol. Inspector Morse Vol. Best of Miami Vice: Escape from Television Miami Vice: The Complete Collection Hohsewives set Married women needing cock Hillsboro Impossible Mission: More Music The O.

Mix 1 The O. Mix 2 The O. Mix 3: Mix 4 The O. Mix 5 The O.