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  • Trip Report: Eight Days in Seoul, South Korea

    Han River in Seoul

    Six and a half years is a long time away from a country, and that’s exactly how long has passed since the last time I visited South Korea. In the summer of 2016, I finally made my way back to Seoul, Korea’s sprawling capital, but this time with years of travel and living overseas experience under my belt. So can my 2016 self possibly see the city in the same light as my old 2010 self? Read on to find out what kind of vibes I got from “the Soul of Asia” the second time around.

  • Trip Reports
  • Trip Report: Six Days in Kyoto, Japan

    Roof of the Nijo Castle

    Up until this point, my vision of Japan revolved around Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto region. I haven’t been the world’s biggest fan of Japan up to this point either. Can Kyoto, an old and cultural city on the other side of Japan, come in and save the day? Have I just been looking at Japan through the wrong lens this entire time? Read my trip report to find out what I learned about Kyoto, Japan’s overwhelmingly-loved-by-all former capital city.