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  • 8 Fields of Photography Men Can Actually Appreciate

    Guy Shooting a Picture at Night

    Photography has the potential to be as good or as shitty as you want it to be. If you surround yourself with the good stuff, you’ll think it’s awesome. But surround yourself by the bad stuff, and you’ll quickly lose interest. In this article I discuss eight different fields of photography that are not only fun and interesting, but also work hand in hand with our natural male instincts.

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  • Photo Essay: A Stroll through My Rural Japanese Neighborhood

    Neighborhood in Kamisu

    There are countless photos and videos out there of bustling Japanese cities like Tokyo and Osaka, but far less often do we hear about the much overlooked Japanese countryside. If you’ve ever wondered what a typical rural Japanese neighborhood looks like, then click here and take a stroll with me through my quiet neighborhood in Kamisu, a small town in Ibaraki prefecture located roughly 70 miles east of Tokyo.

  • Advice for Expats
  • 10 Tips for Aspiring Amateur Photographers

    Photography and travel go together like bread and butter. In the last few years, I went from an amateur travel photographer with just a point-and-shoot to a DSLR-wielding photography enthusiast with thousands of photos from around the globe. So what have I learned along the way? If you’ve ever thought about giving photography a try but have no idea where to start, then this article is just for you.