• Expat Interviews
  • Interview with My Brother: A Newbie’s Reflections on China

    Another year has passed, and my big brother has wound up in Asia for the second time in his life. Last year he saw straightforward Japan, but this time he’s in mean China, a country that never throws foreign travelers a crutch. Will China chew him up and spit him out, or will he be one of the rare Westerners that falls in love with the country? Read this interview to find out what my brother thought of the Middle Kingdom after spending one month in the country traveling to four very different cities.

  • Trip Reports
  • Trip Report: Seven Days in Shenyang, Liaoning, China

    Liaoning Broadcast and TV Tower in Shenyang, China

    Just when I was about to declare this year’s trip to Northeast China a giant flop, Shenyang came in to rescue my fleeting hope for the country. But what set Shenyang apart from neighboring Chinese cities like Changchun, Yanji, and Mudanjiang? How could it even be that much different? Read this trip report to find out what made Shenyang – the largest city in Northeast China – well worth a visit.

  • Travelogues
  • An American’s Reflections on Spending Chinese New Year in China

    Chinese Home Front Gate

    Have you ever celebrated Chinese New Year in China? It’s a heck of a lot different than celebrating it back in the States, that’s for sure. The eating, the drinking, the mahjong, and the fireworks all make for an unforgettable experience for the uninitiated Westerner. This travelogue is all about spending the Lunar New Year in the Middle Kingdom as the white elephant in the room.

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  • Interview with an Expat: Jisang in Dongguan, China

    Dongguan, a second tier city in China’s economically prosperous Guangdong province, previously had a seedy reputation as the “vice” capital of mainland China, but some say those days are history. Korean-American expat Jisang has spent a year living there and still counting, and he thinks the city is a pretty decent place to live as a foreigner. Read this week’s episode of “Interview with an Expat” to get an idea of what Dongguan really is beyond its notorious reputation.

  • Expat Interviews
  • Interview with an Expat: Kainan in Chongqing, China

    Kainan Viewing Chongqing

    American expat Kainan went from a morbidly obese loser binging on video games in his parent’s home in southern California, to a part-time model scouring the streets of Chongqing, China looking for his future wife. How he did it, whether or not he found any success romantically in the Middle Kingdom, and every wacky little story in between can be found right here.