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  • 10 Unsavory, Yet Uniquely American Characteristics

    A Homeless Man on the Streets of El Paso, Texas

    I always want to think the best about my homeland, but my experiences abroad have taken those rose-colored glasses off and forever changed the way I see it. I recently spent two months back in the good ol’ US of A, but I could never enjoy myself too much because of the usual never-ending American BS. Read this article to find out which ten uniquely American traits were the most reverse culture shock inducing.

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  • 10 Things I Won’t Miss about Japan When I’m Gone

    If there’s one country in Asia that most Westerners unanimously shower with praise, it’s got to be Japan. But does the isolated island country really deserve so much credit? This blogger certainly doesn’t think so. Read more to find out which ten aspects of Japan I found the most aggravating, and hence ultimately made me leave the country much earlier than planned.

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  • 10 Things I Don’t Miss about Thailand

    Khaosan Road in Bangkok

    If you’re a follower of mainstream media, then you’ve probably heard that Thailand is the “Land of Smiles” where the locals welcome foreigners into their country with open arms. Well I’m here to tell you that’s a load of crock. Thailand may be a fun place to live for a handful of years, but a perfect country it is not. Read my list of the top ten things I absolutely do not miss about Thailand, one of the world’s most visited countries.