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  • Photo Essay: The Life of Rice, from Sprout to Harvest

    Rice is by far the most consumed staple in the Japanese and Asian diet. As a result, someone somewhere must be growing a whole lot of rice. Look no further than Japan’s Ibaraki prefecture, where rice is grown in every nook and cranny of open field space. This photo essay explores what’s been going on over the last half year here in Ibaraki to get rice from the farm fields all the way to your dinner bowl.

  • Photo Essays
  • Photo Essay: A Stroll through My Rural Japanese Neighborhood

    Neighborhood in Kamisu

    There are countless photos and videos out there of bustling Japanese cities like Tokyo and Osaka, but far less often do we hear about the much overlooked Japanese countryside. If you’ve ever wondered what a typical rural Japanese neighborhood looks like, then click here and take a stroll with me through my quiet neighborhood in Kamisu, a small town in Ibaraki prefecture located roughly 70 miles east of Tokyo.