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  • Trip Report: Seven Days in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Nightscape of Ho Chi Minh City and the Saigon River

    In part two of my Vietnam trip report, I find myself down south in Ho Chi Minh City for the third time in my life. I previously had mixed feelings about Vietnam’s largest city, so will anything change this time around over five years later? Read this trip report to learn my third impressions of Vietnam’s famous city in the south and just how it compares to its famous city in the north.

  • Trip Reports
  • Trip Report: Seven Days in Hanoi, Vietnam

    After a long five year hiatus, I’ve once again found myself in Vietnam. My two week trip starts in the capital of Hanoi, and then ends in the megacity of Saigon. Though I’ve been in the country twice before, it’s actually my first in Hanoi. Did I wait eight years too long to see Vietnam’s cultural capital, or is it just a visit once then never again kind of city? Read this trip report to find out what the former capital of French Indochina is really like in 2017.