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  • Interview with My Brother: A Newbie in Japan

    They say familiarity breeds contempt, so does that mean unfamiliarity breeds admiration? This last June and July my older brother made his first ever trip to the Eastern Hemisphere by visiting me here in Japan. Though not a seasoned traveler, he does have some notable foreign travel under his belt. So what did he think of the great former Nippon Empire? Read more to learn which aspects of Japan blew my brother away, and which aspects he found to be sorely lacking.

  • Rants
  • 10 Things I Don’t Miss about Thailand

    Khaosan Road in Bangkok

    If you’re a follower of mainstream media, then you’ve probably heard that Thailand is the “Land of Smiles” where the locals welcome foreigners into their country with open arms. Well I’m here to tell you that’s a load of crock. Thailand may be a fun place to live for a handful of years, but a perfect country it is not. Read my list of the top ten things I absolutely do not miss about Thailand, one of the world’s most visited countries.