• Praise
  • 10 Things I Love about Thailand

    Wat Traimit in Bangkok

    Seemingly everyone and their mother has been to Thailand these days, which has lead to the country receiving a lot praise that it probably doesn’t truly deserve. But a country that’s so famous with tourists surely must have something nice, or it wouldn’t have ever gotten so popular in the first place, right? After having lived three years myself in the capital of the Land of Smiles, I think I’ve earned the right to make a praise list for Thailand without sounding like a naïve newbie. Read my list of the ten things I love the most about Thailand to learn what exactly made the country such an exciting place to live.

  • Expat Interviews
  • Interview with an Expat: Winston Wu of HappierAbroad.com

    Winston Wu, American founder of HappierAbroad.com, was one of the pioneers of the “go abroad for greener pastures” movement that seems to be growing more and more with each passing year. Due to his outspoken nature on controversial topics like anti-feminism and the decay of American society, some people love him, while others hate him. He took the time to do an interview with me so we can learn more about his roots and his lifestyle. Read this interview to learn more about the life of the self-proclaimed “most freethinking Asian of all time.”

  • Expat Interviews
  • Interview with an Expat: David in Tokyo, Japan

    American expat David has spent over five years in Japan, and almost three of those were spent in Tokyo, the country’s bustling capital that needs no introduction. After over half a decade spent in the Land of the Rising Sun working as an English teacher, what does he think of the country and its famous mega city? Read this week’s episode of “Interview with an Expat” to learn about Tokyo from an experienced expat’s point of view.